Chapter News

The Soon to be First Time Dad is a Fore Winner

Somehow Dan Kerrigan stayed strong all day long.  No collapse after a strong start(his normal mode).  The only thing I can come up with is he was to busy thinking about his soon to be born son and not about his golf swing.  Whatever it was great round Mr Kerrigan an 84 will almost always kick butt.  Not only did he win but he somehow hit a ball a half mile that stayed in the fairway to take Longest Drive.

Coming in a distant second with a 91 was yours truly.  I was so far behind Dan I couldn't see him in the distance.

Kissing their cousins, or coming in a tie for 3rd and 4th were Trevor Nelson and Frank Kruth.  You should have seen the fight for the 3rd place check because "it's the bigger one".  Come on guys play nice.

Wedged between two sets of ties but not having to share his check is Matt Houser.  His 94 left him standing all alone in 5th.

Completing the Matt Houser sandwich, yes I know no one wants to be a part of that, is our second tie.  Dan Nelson and Joe Gioffre tied for 6th and 7th with a 96.  Due to Joe doing his normal play and dash, Dan gets to stand alone with both checks  Guess which one he took home and which one he gave back for Joe?

Coming in a strong 8th place was Mike Foote.  He was so happy about it he wouldn't leave his chair for the pic.

9th place belongs to Scott Gibson with his 100.  He was proud to hit triple digits ok maybe not.  But winning the Gold M took some of the sting out of it.

Sitting in 10th Place is Dan Manning with his 105.  Pun intended.

Newbie Paul Gumina road a 109 to an 11th place finish.  Look how proud he is to get a check.

Despite an 11 on the last hole Jeff DeMarco was able to stay ahead of our last place finisher and score a 12th place finish with his 113.

Taking home another Red Key and a Melt Down award was our last place finisher Chris Rossetti.  Keep up the strong play Chris.