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Spokane MGA Inaugural Season

The Spokane MGA ingaugural season is off to a slow start...but we will get things rolling soon. The weather is seriously f-ing things up, thus slowing the start of this hot diaper of a season. While we are still in need of players, events, trophy pack, a decent logo, sunshine, and golf skills...we will get this thing going eventually. My hope is to kick things off next weekend with the Rebel Beach Am-Am as long the Fairways remains open and we have atleast six to play.

I have created a VERY tentative schedule just so we can start to generate some interest. So spread the word and be ready for some last minute very little notice changes. The goal this season wil be to play all 8 tournaments, each at a different course, and with a minimum of 6 at each event. Each course was picked with a few things in mind, but I am flexible to change because none of these courses even know we are coming at the moment. I am going to start contacting them next week with the hopes of locking down the date, time, and cost. 

So spread the word to new members (remember DBs not welcome,) get registered for the Rebel, and we will get the rest of the details figured out.


Your Fearful Leader