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Spring Hill Makes a Statement at MGAWC17!

Representatives from the MGA Spring Hill chapter travelled to Las Vegas to take part in the MGA World Championship 2017 on Nov. 10-11, and all the festivities surrounding it.  Troy, John, and myself were accompanied by Troy's groupie Dawn Miller (AKA Troy's housemate).  I think I can safely say that this adventure lived up to the hype and more.

And we certainly made a statement while we were there!...though obviously not a fashion statement.  Actually we made two statements.  (1) We are definitely mediocre at golf and (2) we know how to have a good time both on and off the course.

Since memories are fleeting, and some even fled immediately the next day, I will attempt to document some of the highlights here for posterity.  And follow me @springhhillmga on Instagram to keep up with photos and videos of our chapter.

First let me set the stage for the two venues we inhabited for pretty much the whole stay.  The first is the Sam's Town Hotel in Vegas which is not on the strip so it didn't have the large crowds and ambience you may have experienced before, and this was great with me.  The second is the Revere Golf Club in Henderson which is where we played a little golf.


Now that's out of the way, let's get to the good stuff with actual people...



Friday Nov. 10th - Tournament Round 1


And for anyone interested, here are our scores (full results are further down)...

  Round 1 Round 2 Total Place
Troy 105 99 204 57
Pete 106 105 211 87
John 100 114 214 104





Whew!  You finally got to the end.  And there were so many stories left untold.  I hope to see you at the 10th anniversary World Championship, MGAWC18 on Nov. 9th and 10th at Revere, so you can make your own memories.  Mark your calendar now!

Also, please see this related news article for the stories and pictures of the overall tournament including some great interviews with the new champion!

Event Results

1.Matthew Ittner98$1.82
2.Rob Nguyen89$1.11
2.Jeremy Pilkerton94$1.11
4.Dan Anderson90$0.86
4.Rob Koth92$0.86
6.Jason Smith93$0.61
6.Scott Kleinbaum97$0.61
6.Fred Smilow99$0.61
9.Bob G94$0.40
10.Jesse Marty90$0.30
11.Jeff Kenny95$0.12
11.Derek Deffner95$0.12
11.Jason Bowers98$0.12
11.AJ Hicks99$0.12
15.David Armstrong93$0.05
16.Dan Nelson96$0.03
16.Jerry Nuelle96$0.03
16.Rich Zinicola99$0.03
19.David Duran96$0.00
19.Michael DeSio97$0.00
19.Tony Snow98$0.00
19.Mauricio Gomez103$0.00
23.Kevin "Seattle Spreadsheet" Frank93$0.00
23.Robert Martinez92$0.00
23.Erik "The Chef" Angelo97$0.00
23.Larry Morgan101$0.00
23.Diego Esquibel102$0.00
28.Brian Berry97$0.00
28.Bret Fuller97$0.00
28.Dale Williford99$0.00
28.Tim Grimes101$0.00
32.2nd Place Gibbons93$0.00
32.Ryan Hoberg95$0.00
32.Andy Arnone96$0.00
32.Matt Telles101$0.00
32.John James101$0.00
32.Richard Morgan103$0.00
38.Dennis H.96$0.00
39.Kevin Villarreal94$0.00
39.Ray Gonzalez97$0.00
39.Jacy Jackson100$0.00
39.Joseph Sisco100$0.00
39.Todd Benoit-Benoit 103$0.00
39.Dan Graves111$0.00
45.Dan Lytle95$0.00
45.Michael Halbach95$0.00
45.Jason Avelar96$0.00
48.Bill Morley98$0.00
48.Nick Hinton103$0.00
48.Bobby Barcelona105$0.00
48.Joey St. Germain108$0.00
48.Chase Windham113$0.00
53.Dan Goudy99$0.00
53.Toby Olsen97$0.00
53.Joseph Mancinelli98$0.00
53.Dave Ratajczak101$0.00
57.Sean Supple94$0.00
57.William Davis97$0.00
57.Troy McNeal99$0.00
57.Kenny Carlson100$0.00
57.Marc Gradillas101$0.00
57.Joe Duffy101$0.00
63.Chris Daggett96$0.00
63.Heather Gorey101$0.00
63.Kevin Dale101$0.00
63.Carlos E. Sagel102$0.00
63.George Heard102$0.00
63.Scott Flanigan103$0.00
63.Nate Gardner106$0.00
70.Sean Fay98$0.00
70.Bob LeClair100$0.00
70.Mike Plemons106$0.00
73.Raymond Pierott98$0.00
73.Peter Ford102$0.00
73.John Morley102$0.00
73.Ron Stoppable106$0.00
73.Dan Cantrell106$0.00
73.Rob Kristie109$0.00
79.Jack Haden103$0.00
79.Steven Hiraga106$0.00
79.Greg Valenzuela106$0.00
82.Kevin Martin99$0.00
82.Donald Kaufman101$0.00
82.Todd Jenkins110$0.00
85.Kevin Williams106$0.00
85.brian saito106$0.00
87.Mr. Carter 100$0.00
87.Jesse Carlson102$0.00
87.Pete Bedell105$0.00
87.Kevin Coons105$0.00
87.Justin Davidson106$0.00
87.Matt Elliott109$0.00
87.J Scavo111$0.00
94.Dan Harold97$0.00
94.Hughie Graham102$0.00
94.Jared Hardt103$0.00
94.Shaun "Moose" Morris 105$0.00
94.Bill Nutt108$0.00
94.Kevin Thompson113$0.00
94.Greg Madrid114$0.00

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