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TBT - Slug Police : SLC Division

THE INTERNET, CA -   SLUG: A slow and selfish golfer holding up the entire course with his stupid, ineffectual practice swings and routines.

According to every study published in the last 1000 years, slow play is the number one reason new golfers aren't flocking to golf courses, throwing SD cards full of bitcoins at course operators while buying stacks and stacks of avocado toast in the pro shop. If only there were some way to fix this issue!! Golf courses have tried idiotic acronyms such as:


But these do nothing. Anyone who thinks people will read anything... ever... from anywhere... are kidding themselves. It's time to create a task force that can get shit done. The intrepid medios in Salt Lake City gave it a trial run a few years ago and the results were very encouraging.

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Is that a muthafuckinWaterPark next to a golf course?!!! Heaven actually is in Utah... hmph who'd of thunk it...

I thought that chapter didn't allow cops in?????