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TLH-MGA Bastards 2017

One thing is certain, the 2017 Bastards (the battle for the ROSE) will go down in History. The day started out with a subdued, yet effective, "segregation...." errr... "breakfast of winners". See, here in tallahassee, we like to seperate our champions from the general populations. We consider these fine individuals to be better overall people, no need to be mixing with the lower class.

Alas, by the end of the day, that threesome of champions would become a foursome.

Capital City CC was a splendid host to our most important tournament of the year. The course was in great shape (mostly). The music in the Clubhouse matched the mood and outfits of our players. 2 past champions (Bob and Pete) and a future? champion (Keith G) decided to show up and show out!

Now to the action on the course. The First Major of the year brought out the best (and worst, you know who you are) in some medios... When the dust settled, Nicky Mazzarra took down another Major, thats 2 in a row (if we even count The MGA as a major). Nick proved to be the most consistent player with the least amount of penalties.

JSG, showing up with some spectacular socks, took a swing at winning the coveted hat... but in JSG fashion, he got as close as he could to both ruin his handicap and not win. Good Job! Did manage to get closest to the pin.

Longest drive was taken down by a new commer, Nick Lee.

What about Bob? he took down the Medio, solid effort by our first Bastards Champ. plus, he looked like a million bucks.

There was some serious competition for the Meltdown award. Newcommers Leaton "Chip" Hall and Ross "the animal" Fitchner put up a 10 and 11 meltdown... grats to Ross, something tells me this wont be his last meltdown.

The red key..... man... that was no competition. another newcommer, Gevin McD closed that out early with a STRONG front 9 Tiger would take (in 18 holes) of 73.

TLH-MGA Props go out to the following peoples:

-KG, PF, BB for reminding us what the Bastards is all about, specially Bob for finding a way to make it work with his sched.

-Daniel P for showing up strong with a 93

-that one foursome that had to grind it out (you know who you are)

-CCCC for being great hosts

-the slow food service at the clubhouse, which allowed for more time to talk shit


thank you all, and see you next time!

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Panel Of Experts (3)


Welcome to the club, Nicky Mazz! Can't wait to see what's on the Breakfast of Winners menu next year.

I'm excited that a new tradition was started. TLH MGA Bastards - The Battle for the Rose'.

congrats!! can't wait til the 29th to play our bastards!!!!