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TLH-MGA The Bastards 2018

Rain didnt stop us this time! another bastards in the books. and what a bastards it was.

you could still smell the stale tequila on some medio's breaths....

Last weeks Bastards marked the 3rd time a TLH-MGA medio has flirted with DQ'ing. Anyone whos been in the MGA long enough will learn to grow suspiciousof medios shooting 80. not that we dont trust our fellow mediocre golfers, but we certainly dont trust their golf game.

This time it was Ross who joined the 80 club (pete and joe P are our other 2 members). Ross was on fire early, posting a -4 through 7 holes... yep you read that right, bogie, bird, bird, bird, par, bird, bird... that stretch was followed by a quad on a par 3... i guess it all evens out at the end.

Anyway, the rest is history, after that start, the only thing ross had to do was suck enough to get an exact 80... no more, no less. and suck he did, he also claimed the meltdown award.

Ross's #shady80 wasnt the only notable sighting. Charlie hoffman, Jack nicklaus (1986 version), Kutilda Woods, Pat Reed, generic Augusta national caddie, and payne stewart (RIP), also joined us. it was a star studded event. Phil W even got to meet his hero Charlie Hoffman.

Closest to the pin and the Medio award was all Steve Hiraga. his closest will probably be the closest someone will get to having a hole in one in a TLH-MGA event. Longest was Joe P, yeah from the tips... sick man. Red key "winner" was chris Leighty.

no need to mention who won the gross, if you can't figure that out, i cant help ya. #shady80

we also had a sweet after party at Township.

The orignal date of the 2018 bastards had to be postponed due to incliment weather, however, a few brave souls stayed around for the rain to clear and decided to go out and play anyway. We did also have the Original Breakfast of Winners, the red vino was flowing and the meatball were spicy. Well done Nick! Can't wait to see what Ross cooks up next year.

To continue his streak of winning non sanctioned events, JSG claimed the rubber ducky. actually turned out to be a very nice day... thats florida for ya.


As always, thank you to our sponsors (For the table), you guys are awesome

Event Results

1.Ross Fitchner84$1.26
2.Brian Dunn89$0.84
3.Bob Birken91$0.70
4.Nick Mazzara92$0.63
5.Benjamin Kelley94$0.49
5.Joey St. Germain94$0.49
5.Matt Millar94$0.49
8.Scott Woods95$0.35
9.Joe "DIRT" Piotrowski96$0.28
10.Steven Hiraga97$0.21
11.James "The Turk" Turknett99$0.14
12.Dan "That Guy" Piotrowski100$0.07
12.Joel Webb100$0.07
14.Ian Kawas103$0.05
15.Allen Ball104$0.04
16.Keith Gubat106$0.02
17.Bogus Biniek107$0.00
17.Phil Willette107$0.00
19.Chris Leighty134$0.00