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TLH-MGA Dbag Invite 2017

A long time ago in a golf course far, far away...

A bunch of San Francisco Douchebags joined up to play a golf tournament. Eventually, the all-knowing leader of this douchey group of douches, "El Presidente", decided to name the event "The Douchebag invitational". From that day on, chapters from all over the world try to recreate the douchieness thats oozes from the original SF chapter, but that's like touching the surface of the sun, and expecting not to get burned.

It's Tallahassee's turn to try and out-Douche the SF chapter....

presenting our chapters top 3 contenders(and winner) for lead douchbag of 2017

Exhibit A, Big Time Bob

sweet gold chain - check

personalized belt buckle - check

sick ass pants - check

would never let him near my daughter - check

**bonus points for having already won the 2014 DBag invite

Exhibit B, KG

showing off them sexy gams - check

fanny pack - check

alternate/hipster TLH-MGA hat - check

short shorts - check

Exhibit C,  JSG

manbun - check

romphim - check

sweet socks - check

designer flatbill hat - check

mirrored aviators - check

The voting was tighter than Bob's shirt... After witnessing JSG working out his Putting before the round with his headphones on yelling "GOOD!" at any ball that was within 5ft of the hole, it was clear, BTB's Jersey Shore Doucheyness was no match.


Our 2017 Dbag is ...... JSG... well done sir, may the romphim trend die a horrible horrible death!

For the actual tournament results, see the event page!

Event Results

1.Nick Mazzara90$1.10
2.Ross Fitchner95$0.67
2.Joey St. Germain95$0.67
4.Dan "That Guy" Piotrowski100$0.55
5.Peter Ford101$0.46
5.William Schack101$0.46
7.Ian Kawas103$0.37
8.Nick Lee104$0.30
9.Bob Birken106$0.21
9.Matt Millar106$0.21
11.Keith Gubat111$0.09
11.Joel Webb111$0.09
13.Dustin Heintz116$0.05

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Haha Great Outfits and Pics!