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TLH-MGA The MGA championships 2017 (VERY important tournament)

The most important tournament of the year? probably....

A new piece of legislation has just hit the desk of the TLH-MGA commish...

[insert picture of Trump signing an executive order, but with TLH-MGA heads superimposed on everyone]

here is an excerpt from the document:


From here on out, for the remainder of the calendar year, the winner of the "The MGA Championship" will be considered the only REAL champion for that MGA season... I mean it says so right on the trophy, "MGA Championship Winner"


So there you have it...

Many great and wonderful things happened on that fateful sunday... The heat was, in a word, hot. As the great Macho Man Randy Savage once said, "BUT THE CREAM RISSSESSS TOOO THE TOOOP, OHHHH YEAAAA"


If you havent heard, the "Dear Leader" (not the N Korean one) took down his second major. This win adds another accomplishment in an already stacked TLH-MGA resume. FYI, if you lost count, thats 5 big checks with 2 being majors. The "Dear Father" (not the N Korean one) has won atleast 1 Big Check in every year of the TLH-MGA...

The "Great Leader" (not the N Korean one), would also like to recognize the presence of 1991 PGA champion, Mr. John Daly. The "Father of the People" (Not the N Korean one) would also remind eveyrone, the only reason Mr. John Daly won that 1991 PGA championship, is because he did not compete.

Special recognition also goes out to both NOT N Korean asians. Hiraga won the longest drive, thus qualifying him for Vegas. Gubat accomplished his dream of winning a Medio.

Closest goes to "Steady" Bob Birken.

The Gross, went to NIcky M... oh yeah, forgot to mention, Nick posted the lowest front 9 in TLH-MGA history, a 37 for even par through 9 holes. he followed that up with a 9 shot meltdown. An ALL TIME medio showing.

The Boguskey went to Bogus... with this group of hackers, you don't expect a 110 to take that home, but its called the Boguskey for a reason.

Event Results

1.Ian Kawas87$1.35
2.Nick Mazzara88$0.90
3.Bob Birken92$0.75
4.Joel Webb93$0.60
4.Peter Ford93$0.60
4.Ross Fitchner93$0.60
7.Joe "DIRT" Piotrowski95$0.34
7.Joey St. Germain95$0.34
7.Matt Millar95$0.34
7.Benjamin Kelley95$0.34
11.Steven Hiraga96$0.11
11.Keith Gubat96$0.11
13.Phil Willette99$0.07
14.Bill Fredericks100$0.05
15.William Schack102$0.04
16.Dan "That Guy" Piotrowski107$0.02
17.Dustin Heintz108$0.00
18.Bogus Biniek110$0.00