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TLH-MGA Seminole Cup 2018

The second annual Seminole Cup marks the unofficial start of the TLH-MGA season.

Twelve medios showed up for the event in Cairo, Ga. The format was modified from last years "best ball". This year the "randomly" assigned pairs would play a scramble on the front 9 and best ball on the back. Interesting note, the 3 top teams both registered an equally mediocre front and back 9.... Its almost like we dont play well with others.

Joey St. Germain (aka "florida man") partnering with Ross Fitchner, kept his streak alive of winning non-official MGA events. This time he doesnt even get to keep the trophy. The Ross/JSG powered through the field by shooting 39+39 for a solid 78.

As is customary, "The Seminole Cup Bowl" will be inscribed with the names of the winning pair (and initials of the losers).


Final Standings:

Ross/JSG - 78

Ian/Mazz - 80

Pete/Millar - 80

bob/Piggy - 84

Hiraga/Bogus - 87

Glen/Bill - 96

Also, BIG news for the TLH-MGA medios. We have a sponsor!!!!

The nice Folks at For The Table (you may know them as the group that runs Madso, Township, Centrale, etc...) like what we do so much that they are sponsoring our 2018 season! Stay tunes for more news on this in the near future.

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Congrats on the sponsor. That S┼ŹDoughpe.