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VIDEO - So Freakin Cheatin (Suffragette City Parody)

THE INTERNET, CA - We've all been there. You get stuck playing with some cheating-ass douche-nozzle and at the end of the round, he has the audacity to say straight-faced that he beat you. He truly believes it too! We decided to create an anthem to call out these a-holes and we hope it catches on. Enjoy!

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Panel Of Experts (7)


Hahahahaha .... freaking hilarious!!!

I use to like that song. Thanks assholes

That's like the guy who tees off with a pinnacle, hits a callaway provisional than finishes the hole with a nike but shot a par.....

I would love to see that live

You're welcome Marty.

So freakin fun.

6 pack of Pabst on the front 9 and no ones knows the diff. great video