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Will Davis Wins the 2017 MGA

We're getting used to it down here.  No, not the 100 degree Texas heat even with an 8am shotgun start.  No, not the significantly slow play every month.  No, not even the bitching about how no one brings or can find their sticker card for the t-shirt give away in Vegas.  We're getting used to Will Davis winning shit.  Sure, he isnt shooting as many low rounds as he used to, but he is still one of DFW MGA's best mediocre golfers, and all around dudes, and he took the win today by shooting an 83 + 1 stroke for an 84, which was one lower than Daniel Gray.

It was the longest round of the decade - but everyone stayed in good spriits.  Joseph Sisco took home most mediocre - playing from the tips with no driver, after winning just a month ago.  A few blasts from the past also showed up today, Lewis Higginbotham (who's going to Vegas) and John Witherwax.  John showed his golf skill, and won the red key handily.

Event Results

1.William Davis84$1.35
2.Daniel Gray85$0.90
3.Greg Madrid86$0.71
3.Robert Martinez86$0.71
5.Adam Thornton87$0.53
5.Peter O'Rourke87$0.53
5.Geoff Scott87$0.53
8.Tony Snow88$0.38
9.Jeremy Ramey89$0.30
10.Dale Williford90$0.19
10.Todd Jenkins90$0.19
12.Luke Moessner91$0.07
12.Chris Phillips91$0.07
14.Brian Berry92$0.05
15.Dion Stroud93$0.04
16.Dan Sargent94$0.02
16.Antti Salo94$0.02
18.Lewis Higginbotham97$0.00
19.Jim Jewison99$0.00
20.Joseph Sisco100$0.00
21.Jeff Kenny105$0.00
22.David Badger106$0.00
23.Mike Villanueva108$0.00
23.Jim Goetz108$0.00
25.Andy Borman110$0.00
25.J Seidl110$0.00
27.Allen Luna111$0.00
28.John Witherwax125$0.00