A Brief History

The MGA was founded in San Francisco in 2006 by Jon "Lucky Kick" Morley and "Straight" Willie Dills. The Bastards was our first and only event in 2006. It had four entrants and was won by "Lucky Kick" himself. In 2007 and 2008, the MGA ran multi-tournament seasons in the bay area, before launching our first expansion chapter in Seattle in March of 2009. From there the MGA exploded world-wide, based solely on word of mouth and a strict adherance to our no-douche policy. We hope to continue that growth year after year, as we build the world's biggest kinda-secret network of people you'd actually want to golf with.

MGA Mission Statement

The Mediocre Golf Association is the official golf association for the other guys. Our goal is to unite golfers all over the world and allow them to play the game of golf as it was intended. Badly. The MGA does not discriminate with handicaps; it encourages players of all skill levels, except those with skill levels higher then ours. If you are a good golfer, move along, there's nothing for you to see here. If you are everyone else on the planet, you've found your people. Welcome. Enjoy your stay and remember that golf is fun, especially when you're mediocre.

Making fun of people who are better than us since 2006,


MGA Rules and Info

The Founders


JON 'Lucky Kick' MORLEY
El Presidente
JON "Lucky Kick" MORLEY