Mar: A Scoring Revolution

(The mar system is a state of mind. We still count every stroke when we play, we just feel a lot better about all 115 of them now.)

Golf is hard. We all know this and accept it in our own different ways. Some of us break clubs, some get drunk and others quit playing all together. But perhaps the real problem is the fact that on the golf course, us mere mortals are held to the same standard as professional golfers.

We are told par is what we should score on each hole and we feel bad about ourselves when we aren’t able to achieve that. But par is a ridiculous and unrealistic expectation that is unjustly placed upon us.

Imagine if you went to play basketball in the park and you had to play against the Miami Heat when you got there. None of us possess the skills necessary to compete against the best in the world and it sounds crazy to even consider trying it. It would be nearly impossible to score and you would leave the park feeling worthless and defeated. So why is it in golf we are expected to compete on the same level as the professionals? We were unable to answer that question here at the MGA, so we came up with a solution that will save everyone a lot of grief and make the game more enjoyable.

When mediocre players go golfing, they should play to mediocre par, or Mar.

Mar is bogey golf, which equates to one stroke over par on every hole, for a total score of 90 on a typical 18-hole golf course. 90 is a very respectable, obtainable and realistic goal for any mediocre golfer.

So now instead of forcing yourself into foolish shots in an attempt and make an impossible 4 for par, you’ll know that you have five shots and you’ll play smarter as a result. Your expectations will be set at a realistic and manageable level and the pressure will melt away. While it may not change your final score, it will change how you feel about it. In addition, the system is full of awesome words that are just plain fun to say, the lingo goes as follows:


An example from a typical par 4

Your Score – Par lingo – Mar Lingo

3              –      Birdie     –   Meagle! (mediocre eagle, but you knew that right?)

4              –        Par        –   Mirdie!

5              –     Bogey      –   Mar!

6             –  Double Bogey – Mogey!

7              –  Triple Bogey  – Double Mogey!


Let’s take a look at a real world example. Say you start out bogey-bogey-par, you’re already two-over after three holes if you’re playing to par. Ouch! But if you’re playing to mar, you just went mar-mar-mirdie and you’re walking to the fourth tee box one-munder mar!

Use this system and we guarantee you'll have a better time our there, so long as you don't knock over a giant tree with your golf cart. That voids the guarantee. Enjoy!