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DFW Update - 2018 Course Locations / Vegas Recap

That's right medio's!  The lone star state is freezing it's ass off, and your fearless leaders are getting our shit together to kick off our fifth season as a chapter.  As a heads up, the events for the 2018 season are up, so feel free to get registered for the ones in the next month or two.  On a side note, since we completley forgot to write the articles on the tail end of last year, so big-ups to Jenkins who won the Douchebag invitation in September and his second Chapter Money title, and Brian Berry who won the Last Gasp in October.  

As a recap for those that didnt get to make it last November, we had a hell of a time in Vegas again this year.  We brought 19 players, and like clockwork, we all pretty much sucked ass.  The course was F-ing hard, and the tees were all the way back, but with no excuses, we are mostly head cases, and we may need to fire our coach or something.  DFW just can't seem to find our right mix of booze, rest, and talent in Vegas with over twice as many players as the average chapter.  Oh well, there is always next year.

For those of you that don't know, we did have a couple of stand outs in the world championship last year.  Chase Windham came into the clubhouse after day 1 in second place, and then fired off a 116 in day two to for a total of 202 and dropped 50 spots.  And our shining star, and number one player in Texas - Jeff Kenny, finshed 14th overall with a total score of 192.  Very impressive Jeff Kenny - we are excited about your future sir.  Tony got second in the chapter, and Rob Martinez got third overall.  

We will have another news article to come in the near future regarding a NORTH DALLAS chapter startup, which will be great for all parties invovled, in that tournaments will be clsoer to home, and we will have twice as many to play in, so if you want to get a full season in (or just play more golf as a guest), it will be easy to do so. 

In what shoudl be the order, with only a couple locked in stone, here will be our DFW schedule in 2018:

Feb 24 - Preseason Event - Lake Arlington

March 10 - Mansfield National

April 7 - Riverside

May 12 - Tierra Verde

June 9 - Fossil Creek

July 14 - Iron Horse

August 4 - Texas Rangers Golf Club (Ditto)

September 8 - Hawks Creek

October 6 - Rockwood

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It was great to meet most of you guys! See you in Las Vegas in November Enjoy the cold!

Mr. Lastname played great too.

Lastname is the man!