Chapter Leader: Diego Esquibel

Albuquerque F.U. Open 2013

Saturday, June 15, 2013 - 1:00am
Registration Closes June 14, 2013

Ryan Polk
Most Mediocre
Todd Tabet
Biggest Meltdown
Ron Sisneros
Longest Drive
Andy Schol
Closest To Pin
Ryan Polk
Gross Award
Ryan Polk
Key to the Red Tee
Event Results
1.Ryan Polk98$1.01
2.Sean McAfee99$0.68
3.Diego Esquibel101$0.56
4.Matt Anaya104$0.51
5.Rude Dogg108$0.45
6.Todd Tabet109$0.39
7.Andy Schol110$0.34
8.Christopher Doherty114$0.28
9.Robert Guy117$0.23
10.Jason Beiswanger121$0.17
11.Ron Sisneros 126$0.11
12.James Schol130$0.06
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  • How to Pay
    Find chapter leader at the course and pay him CASH
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OK so I don't have the exact tee times yet as the course will not let me set them until 6/8. I will post as soon as I get them. I think we are going to try and BBQ after the golf day. I will keep you posted when I know more. Hope to see everyone there.



Group 1 - 1:00AM
  • 1. Andy Schol
  • 2. Sean McAfee
  • 3. Ryan Polk
  • 4. Robert Guy
Group 2 - 1:08AM
  • 1. Christopher Doherty
  • 2. Todd Tabet
  • 3. Diego Esquibel
  • 4. Ron Sisneros
Group 3 - 1:16AM
  • 1. James Schol
  • 2. Jason Beiswanger
  • 3. Rude Dogg
  • 4. Matt Anaya

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