Chapter Leader: Vin Ferraro

Boston The Last Gasp 2017

Saturday, October 7, 2017 - 10:35am
Registration Closes September 29, 2017

Terry Boland
Most Mediocre
Bobby Sprouts
Biggest Meltdown
Christopher Higgins
Longest Drive
Andrew Southgate
Closest To Pin
Christopher Higgins
Gross Award
Justin Limoli
Key to the Red Tee
Brendon Lynch
Event Results
1.Terry Boland89$1.12
2.Gregory Gagnon90$0.68
2.Andrew Southgate90$0.68
4.Vin Ferraro91$0.53
4.Mike Berk91$0.53
6.Jonathan Scully95$0.37
6.Justin Limoli95$0.37
6.Patrick Glendening95$0.37
9.Bobby Sprouts96$0.25
10.Andrew Gordon97$0.19
11.Joe Marin102$0.09
11.Christos Christopoulos 102$0.09
13.Nat Gordon103$0.06
14.Joe Lamoly104$0.04
15.Mark OBrien105$0.03
16.Matt Boland107$0.02
16.Mark Moriarty107$0.02
18.George Hunt112$0.00
19.Brendon Lynch117$0.00
19.Christopher Higgins117$0.00
  • Purse
  • How to Pay
    Find chapter leader at the course and pay him CASH
  • Trophy
Last call for Vegas! Last chance to punch that ticket with an automatic entry to the MGAWC. Last chance to climb up the money list and last chance to salvage an otherwise wasted season.

The 2016 Last Gasp came down to a playoff between two of the chapter’s top medios: Wild Hog and Sandy Halbach. In the end, the Hog would take down Ballbag for his second win of the year.

The Last Gasp is also the site of one of the more bittersweet finishes in Chapter history, as the 2015 Last Gasp featured the last call for one of the true legends of the game. In his final MGA Boston event, The Fuzz put on a display for the ages. Over 18 holes, he and the Commish traded shots and the lead. In the end, it finished the way it had to: with the Fuzz pulling putter from the fairway on 18 and needing to get it close. With a full gallery behind him, The Fuzz came up just a bit short.

While the DBI may be the most welcoming for first time winners, only four players have ever won the Last Gasp, with two players dominating the event: The Golden Bear (2010, 2013), The Commish (2011, 2012, 2015), Bobby Sprouts (2014), and Wild Hog (2016). Who will have enough gas left in the tank to bring home the final check of 2017?



Group 1 - 10:35AM
  • 1. Bobby Sprouts
  • 2. Justin Limoli
  • 3. Andrew Southgate
  • 4. Christos Christopoulos
Group 2 - 10:43AM
  • 1. Terry Boland
  • 2. Nat Gordon
  • 3. Mark OBrien
Group 3 - 10:51AM
  • 1. Mike Berk
  • 2. George Hunt
  • 3. Brendon Lynch
  • 4. Joe Lamoly
Group 4 - 10:59AM
  • 1. Andrew Gordon
  • 2. Matt Boland
  • 3. Joe Marin
Group 5 - 11:07AM
  • 1. Jonathan Scully
  • 2. Patrick Glendening
  • 3. Gregory Gagnon
Group 6 - 11:15AM
  • 1. Vin Ferraro
  • 2. Christopher Higgins
  • 3. Mark Moriarty

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