Chapter Leader: Bill Morley

Cincinnati Rebel Beach Am-Am 2016

Saturday, March 26, 2016 - 9:56am
Registration Closes March 25, 2016

Most Mediocre
Biggest Meltdown
Mike Hanley
Longest Drive
Dan Harold
Closest To Pin
Robert Preslar
Gross Award
Dave Ratajczak
Key to the Red Tee
Event Results
1.Robert Preslar89$1.05
2.Randy Watkins91$0.70
3.Mike Hanley92$0.58
4.Rich Zinicola93$0.49
4.Bill Morley93$0.49
6.Dan Harold95$0.38
6.Dave Ratajczak95$0.38
9.Pepe Flores101$0.23
10.Nolan Martin102$0.15
10.Dennis H.102$0.15
12.TIMOTHY PATRICK Grime$103$0.06
13.Mike Boyer104$0.05
14.Chris Blanton107$0.04
15.Matt Neary109$0.03
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  • Trophy
First event of the year and always a great outing. We are switching courses this year from our traditional Pebble Creek to the Mill Course. This is a regular event in terms of winning money for the global money list but it is also the 'team' event which means you will be paired with a partner and you two scores will be added together to determine if you each get a lovely trophy.. Let me know if you want to be paired with someone specifically and we encourage matching team outfits! The more outrageous, the better. The $40 entry includes a cart (subtract $10 if you want to walk) and beverages after the round.



Group 1 - 9:56AM
  • 1. Chris Blanton
  • 3. Robert Preslar
Group 2 - 10:04AM
  • 1. Dan Harold
  • 2. Randy Watkins
  • 3. Matt Neary
  • 4. Mike Hanley
Group 3 - 10:12AM
  • 1. Dennis H.
  • 2. Pepe Flores
  • 3. Dave Ratajczak
  • 4. Nolan Martin
Group 4 - 10:20AM
  • 1. Bill Morley
  • 2. Rich Zinicola
  • 3. Mike Boyer
  • 4.

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