Conejo Valley The Last Gasp 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015 - 1:00pm
Registration Closes October 1, 2015

Doug McComb
Most Mediocre
Jeff Rickert
Biggest Meltdown
Tim Friedman
Longest Drive
Tim Walker
Closest To Pin
Bert Michitsch
Gross Award
Doug McComb
Key to the Red Tee
Event Results
1.Doug McComb80$1.12
2.William Steinmeyer84$0.74
3.Bert Michitsch85$0.62
4.Matt Elliott86$0.56
5.Tim Walker89$0.50
6.Adam Gallis90$0.43
7.Anthony Gonzales97$0.37
8.Jeff Rickert98$0.31
9.Frank Frayer101$0.22
9.DAMON COOK101$0.22
11.stephen cook110$0.12
12.Christine Hardison111$0.06
13.Rob MacIntyre112$0.06
14.Gary Fraigun114$0.04
15.Tim Friedman116$0.03
16.Mora Walker138$0.02
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Payment via friend to friend Paypal to Christine Last event of the season. Tell your wife or significant other that you will be late because you are going to party at cronies after you play golf on this the last gasp of 2015.

0 Crappy Players Registered