DFW Douche Bag Invitational 2019

Sunday, September 8, 2019 - 9:00am
Registration Closes September 7, 2019

Max Toback
Most Mediocre
Matt Landrum
Biggest Meltdown
Robbie Rogers
Longest Drive
Chris Phillips
Closest To Pin
W!ll Davis
Gross Award
Max Toback
Key to the Red Tee
Kevin Ferguson
Event Results
1.Max Toback90$1.35
2.Josh Jobe90$0.90
3.Chris Phillips91$0.75
4.Todd Jenkins94$0.68
5.W!ll Davis95$0.49
5.Robert Martinez95$0.49
5.Adam T.95$0.49
5.Brian Berry95$0.49
9.Matthew Dorchak98$0.23
9.Dale Williford98$0.23
9.Roland Ward 98$0.23
12.Matt Landrum100$0.08
13.Tony Mullins 102$0.07
14.Robbie Rogers106$0.05
14.John Hartsel106$0.05
16.David Badger108$0.02
16.Reagan Dooley108$0.02
18.Andy Borman112$0.00
18.Mike Windham112$0.00
18.Geoff Scott112$0.00
21.Kevin Ferguson114$0.00
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  • Trophy
The majors are over and you will have to wait until next year to become a major champion. But that’s no reason not to tell all the chicks in the bar that you’re a major champ anyway, while doing Jaeger shots and talking about how much money you made this year. Welcome to the Douche Bag Invitational! Everyone’s interpretation of a douche bag varies, so show us what you think one looks like by dressing up as him. Don’t worry about offending someone, because you probably will no matter what you wear. The winner of this event gets an embroidered visor, up-side-down of course, because that’s how douche bags wear them. The logo depicts a knot of one dollar bills with a twenty wrapped around the outside.... douche.



Group 1 - 9:00AM
  • 1. Matthew Dorchak
  • 2. Robert Martinez
  • 3. Roland Ward
  • 4. Robbie Rogers
Group 2 - 9:08AM
  • 1. Max Toback
  • 2. Reagan Dooley
  • 3. Brian Berry
  • 4. David Badger
Group 3 - 9:16AM
  • 1. Dale Williford
  • 2. Geoff Scott
  • 3. Kevin Ferguson
  • 4. Adam T.
Group 4 - 9:24AM
  • 1. W!ll Davis
  • 2. Matt Landrum
  • 3. Mike Windham
  • 4. Andy Borman
Group 5 - 9:32AM
  • 1. Tony Mullins
  • 2. John Hartsel
  • 3. Josh Jobe
  • 4. Todd Jenkins
Group 6 - 9:40AM
  • 1. Chris Phillips

0 Crappy Players Registered

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