DFW The Last Gasp 2020

Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 9:00am
Registration Closes October 17, 2020

Todd Jenkins
Most Mediocre
Dan Cantrell
Biggest Meltdown
Geoff Scott
Longest Drive
Chris Phillips
Closest To Pin
Robbie Rogers
Gross Award
Todd Jenkins
Key to the Red Tee
Geoff Scott
Event Results
1.Todd Jenkins86$0.91
2.Bryon Wagner90$0.60
3.Tony Snow93$0.48
3.W!ll Davis93$0.48
5.Brian Berry95$0.40
6.Dan Cantrell96$0.35
7.Robert Martinez97$0.30
8.Chris Phillips99$0.25
9.Josh Jobe100$0.20
10.Dale Williford101$0.15
11.Greg Lemke103$0.10
12.Robbie Rogers110$0.05
13.Geoff Scott114$0.05
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  • Trophy
The final regular season event is your last chance to qualify for the MGA World Championships. Pull out all the stops and go for the win, it’s the last tournament of the year, can’t hold anything back now. You will be playing for the ghoulish skeleton trophy.



Group 1 - 9:00AM
  • 1. Geoff Scott
  • 2. Tony Snow
  • 3. Brian Berry
Group 2 - 9:08AM
  • 1. Chris Phillips
  • 2. Greg Lemke
  • 3. Dan Cantrell
Group 3 - 9:16AM
  • 1. Bryon Wagner
  • 2. W!ll Davis
  • 3. Todd Jenkins
Group 4 - 9:24AM
  • 1. Josh Jobe
  • 2. Robert Martinez
  • 3. Dale Williford
  • 4. Robbie Rogers

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