Hobart The MGA 2017

Sunday, August 13, 2017 - 8:30am
Most Mediocre
Ben March
Biggest Meltdown
Luke Mathyssen
Longest Drive
Stewart Coombes
Closest To Pin
Luke Mathyssen
Gross Award
James Teirney
Key to the Red Tee
David Burdon
Event Results
1.Andrew McConnon88$1.27
2.Ben Hardaker88$0.84
3.James Teirney90$0.70
4.Dean Lowe91$0.63
5.Chris White95$0.56
6.Stewart Coombes102$0.49
7.Luke Mathyssen103$0.39
7.Paul Johnson103$0.39
9.David Hamilton104$0.28
10.Bruce Johnson105$0.21
11.Dale Potter106$0.14
12.Rob Braithwaite109$0.07
13.Ben March111$0.06
13.Paul Wright111$0.06
15.David Burdon113$0.04
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The last major of the year with The MGA Championship! Back at its traditional home at North West Bay GC

Hardaker off the back tees after winning the Bratish, Bruce Johnson the option of off the fronts for losing it.

Don't be a loser - prepay makes you cool. And get instagram, if only for the MGA. Want to see a few more of your mugs out there golfing.



Group 1 - 8:30AM
  • 1. Andrew McConnon
  • 2. Bruce Johnson
  • 3. Paul Johnson
  • 4. Paul Wright
Group 2 - 8:38AM
  • 1. Ben Hardaker
  • 2. David Burdon
  • 3. David Hamilton
  • 4. Stewart Coombes
Group 3 - 8:46AM
  • 1. Ben March
  • 2. Dale Potter
  • 3. Chris White
  • 4. James Teirney
Group 4 - 8:54AM
  • 1. Dean Lowe
  • 2. Luke Mathyssen
  • 3. Rob Braithwaite

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