Houston The Bastards 2022

Saturday, April 23, 2022 - 8:04am
Registration Closes April 6, 2022

Most Mediocre
Joe Amador
Biggest Meltdown
Mike Barnes
Longest Drive
Janine Heyns
Closest To Pin
Janine Heyns
Gross Award
Jeremiah Davidson
Key to the Red Tee
Mike Ruiter
Event Results
1.Skyler Browning87$1.26
2.Janine Heyns88$0.84
3.Jeremiah Davidson89$0.70
4.James Davidson90$0.63
5.Ryan Quigley91$0.56
6.Joshua Davidson92$0.49
7.David d'Angelo93$0.39
7.Scott Coleman93$0.39
9.Joe Amador98$0.28
10.Jeff Simer99$0.21
11.Mike Barnes102$0.14
12.Justin McCue103$0.07
13.Dwight Smith107$0.06
14.Michael Trevino114$0.05
15.Kelly Johnson116$0.03
15.Sarah Johnson116$0.03
17.Mike Ruiter118$0.00
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  • Trophy
Price does not include range balls. CTP - 5, 14 LD - 8, 15 Steeped in tradition, The Bastards is the most important tournament in the history of the MGA. The MGA was launched in 2006 with the first edition of this tournament and it has remained the most significant tournament ever since. As the first major of the year, pressure is high for those players hoping to complete the Mrand Slam by winning all four majors. The winner of The Bastards receives the coveted blue trucker cap and a spot in the history and lore of the MGA.



Group 1 - 8:04AM
  • 1. Joe Amador
  • 2. Jeff Simer
  • 3. Dwight Smith
Group 2 - 8:12AM
  • 1. Mike Ruiter
  • 2. David d'Angelo
  • 3. Justin McCue
Group 3 - 8:20AM
  • 1. Ryan Quigley
  • 2. James Davidson
  • 3. Michael Trevino
Group 4 - 8:28AM
  • 1. Scott Coleman
  • 2. Sarah Johnson
  • 3. Mike Barnes
  • 4. Janine Heyns
Group 5 - 8:36AM
  • 1. Joshua Davidson
  • 2. Skyler Browning
  • 3. Jeremiah Davidson
  • 4. Kelly Johnson

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