Houston F.U. Open 2021

Sunday, June 27, 2021 - 7:39am
Registration Closes June 19, 2021

Justin McCue
Most Mediocre
Thomas Kondret
Biggest Meltdown
Kelly Johnson
Longest Drive
Ryan Quigley
Closest To Pin
Mark Lancaster
Gross Award
Jeremiah Davidson
Key to the Red Tee
Kelly Johnson
Event Results
1.Justin McCue96$1.35
2.James Davidson97$0.83
2.Jeremiah Davidson97$0.83
4.Skyler Browning98$0.68
5.Ryan Quigley100$0.60
6.David d'Angelo101$0.45
6.Scott Coleman101$0.45
6.Thomas Kondret101$0.45
9.Mark Lancaster102$0.30
10.Matthew Stanley103$0.23
11.Mike Ruiter106$0.15
12.Jeff Simer112$0.08
13.Gregory White114$0.07
14.Noah Johnson117$0.05
15.Hector Ochoa118$0.04
16.Kelly Johnson121$0.02
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  • Trophy
CREDIT CARD IS ON FILE - WILL BE CHARGED FOR NO SHOWS RANGE BALLS NOT INCLUDED CTP & LONG DRIVE TO BE DECIDED AT COURSE The Freedom and Unity Open is the most patriotic of all MGA events. Red, white and blue come standard with this tournament and patriotic clothing is all but mandatory. Eagles, while all-but-extinct on a golf course full of mediocre players, will always feature heavily in this tournament's trophy. El Presidente finally created a custom trophy for this special event in 2020 and damn did it turn out nice.



Group 1 - 7:39AM
  • 1. Hector Ochoa
  • 2. James Davidson
  • 3. Matthew Stanley
  • 4. Mark Lancaster
Group 2 - 7:48AM
  • 1. Justin McCue
  • 2. Gregory White
  • 3. Jeremiah Davidson
  • 4. Kelly Johnson
Group 3 - 7:57AM
  • 1. Jeff Simer
  • 2. Skyler Browning
  • 3. Noah Johnson
  • 4. Mike Ruiter
Group 4 - 8:06AM
  • 1. David d'Angelo
  • 2. Ryan Quigley
  • 3. Scott Coleman
  • 4. Thomas Kondret

0 Crappy Players Registered

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