Houston The Last Gasp 2020

Saturday, November 21, 2020 - 8:00am
Registration Closes November 14, 2020

Scott Coleman
Most Mediocre
Ryan Quigley
Biggest Meltdown
David d'Angelo
Longest Drive
Jeremiah Davidson
Closest To Pin
Scott Coleman
Gross Award
Scott Coleman
Key to the Red Tee
Michael Stadler
Event Results
1.Scott Coleman90$0.63
2.James Davidson92$0.42
3.Jeremiah Davidson93$0.35
4.David d'Angelo101$0.31
5.Ryan Quigley103$0.26
5.Thomas Kondret103$0.26
7.Jeff Simer109$0.21
8.Gregory White125$0.17
9.Michael Stadler151$0.14
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This is it boys!! The last chance to rack up some money for the overall and even more importantly, last chance to officially pose for the SXY OCHO. All other ochos will be off season ochos, they're still good, just not AS good.



Group 1 - 8:00AM
  • 1. Michael Stadler
  • 2. Jeremiah Davidson
  • 3. James Davidson
Group 2 - 8:10AM
  • 1. David d'Angelo
  • 2. Gregory White
  • 3. Jeff Simer
Group 3 - 8:20AM
  • 1. Ryan Quigley
  • 2. Thomas Kondret
  • 3. Scott Coleman

0 Crappy Players Registered

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