Houston Rebel Beach Am-Am 2021

Saturday, March 20, 2021 - 8:30am
Registration Closes March 13, 2021

Ryan Quigley
Most Mediocre
Mark Lancaster
Biggest Meltdown
Danuel Morrison
Longest Drive
James Davidson
Closest To Pin
Ryan Quigley
Gross Award
Ryan Quigley
Key to the Red Tee
Matthew Johnson
Event Results
1.Ryan Quigley93$1.05
2.David d'Angelo98$0.64
2.James Davidson98$0.64
4.Jeremiah Davidson99$0.52
5.Mike Ruiter100$0.47
6.Justin McCue103$0.38
6.Scott Coleman103$0.38
8.Mark Lancaster107$0.29
9.Gregory White108$0.23
10.Jeff Simer111$0.17
11.Danuel Morrison113$0.12
12.Kelly Johnson115$0.06
13.Jordan DePrang 118$0.05
14.Joshua Davidson124$0.04
15.Matthew Johnson151$0.03
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This is it boys!!! We're back and we're worse than ever. Polish up your brand new clubs and get ready to show off your skills in the 2021 Rebel Beach Am-Am. This is a team event and you must choose your own partner. THIS IS NOT A SCRAMBLE !!! Each player will play their own ball and your individual score will count towards the money list and the checks. THE TEAM SCORE IS FOR THE TROPHIES ONLY!!!! When you have your partner picked, (ONE OF YOU) please email me at jfdavidson18@gmail.com If you are worried about Covid, the course will allow single riders for a fee of $7.50. You will have to go and pay for this separately in the pro-shop the day of the tournament. If you want to reserve it, please email me and let me know before the registration deadline. .



Group 1 - 8:30AM
  • 1. Jeremiah Davidson
  • 2. James Davidson
  • 3. Kelly Johnson
Group 2 - 8:38AM
  • 1. Scott Coleman
  • 2. Ryan Quigley
  • 3. Gregory White
  • 4. Matthew Johnson
Group 3 - 8:46AM
  • 1. Mark Lancaster
  • 2. Jordan DePrang
  • 3. Jeff Simer
  • 4. Mike Ruiter
Group 4 - 8:54AM
  • 1. David d'Angelo
  • 2. Joshua Davidson
  • 3. Danuel Morrison
  • 4. Justin McCue

0 Crappy Players Registered

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