Inland Empire

Chapter Leader: Josh Olson

Inland Empire The Bastards 2020

Saturday, September 19, 2020 - 12:00pm
Registration Closes September 13, 2020

Neil Ashworth
Most Mediocre
Pete Garcia
Biggest Meltdown
Howard Henry IV
Longest Drive
Josh Olson
Closest To Pin
Ryan Davis
Key to the Red Tee
Andrew Dominici
Event Results
1.Neil Ashworth88$1.26
2.Brian Carson89$0.84
3.Brian Lopez93$0.67
3.Steve Woodland93$0.67
5.Christopher Garcia94$0.56
6.Ryan Davis97$0.42
6.Colin Lawrence97$0.42
6.Josh Olson97$0.42
9.Jeff Olson98$0.25
9.John Dapsis 98$0.25
11.Pete Garcia 99$0.14
12.Jason Moyer100$0.05
12.Dave Young100$0.05
12.Eric Matteson100$0.05
12.Shane Wells100$0.05
16.Mike Archer102$0.02
17.Howard Henry IV105$0.00
18.Devin Hundley107$0.00
19.Robert Smith113$0.00
19.Brian Maronde113$0.00
21.Tyler Vickers117$0.00
22.Andrew Dominici127$0.00
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  • Trophy
So after much lip service and empty promises, The Bastards will be returning to the only home it’s ever known at Indian Hills for the 4th year running, to see if Dr Bob can become our 1st Medio to complete the Career Mrand Slam. As always look forward to some contests on Mamen Corner and dread the White Stake OBs everywhere. Even with our kinda talented chapter of Medios, It’s almost guaranteed over half the field will not break 100. So take your chances to bring home the traditional Blue Trucker Hat and etch your name into the most mediocre sleeveless trophy jacket in the MGA. And The Drink of Champions will hopefully be presented Pre-round by Reigning Bastards and CML champ Shane Wells. Cheers!



Group 1 - 12:00PM
  • 1. Shane Wells
  • 2. Robert Smith
  • 3. Christopher Garcia
  • 4. Steve Woodland
Group 2 - 12:08PM
  • 1. Mike Archer
  • 2. John Dapsis
  • 3. Pete Garcia
Group 3 - 12:16PM
  • 1. Brian Carson
  • 2. Colin Lawrence
  • 3. Howard Henry IV
  • 4. Tyler Vickers
Group 4 - 12:24PM
  • 1. Josh Olson
  • 2. Brian Lopez
  • 3. Jason Moyer
  • 4. Devin Hundley
Group 5 - 12:32PM
  • 1. Dave Young
  • 2. Ryan Davis
  • 3. Andrew Dominici
Group 6 - 12:40PM
  • 1. Eric Matteson
  • 2. Jeff Olson
  • 3. Neil Ashworth
  • 4. Brian Maronde

0 Crappy Players Registered