Inland Empire

Chapter Leader: Josh Olson

Inland Empire F.U. Open 2021

Saturday, June 26, 2021 - 7:30am
Registration Closes June 20, 2021

Most Mediocre
Brian Maronde
Biggest Meltdown
Howard Henry IV
Longest Drive
Gilbert Tiedt
Closest To Pin
Neil Ashworth
Gross Award
Eric Matteson
Key to the Red Tee
Rick Plascencia
Event Results
1.Christopher Garcia86$1.35
2.Eric Matteson88$0.90
3.Neil Ashworth92$0.75
4.Tommy Cochran93$0.64
4.Brian Carson93$0.64
6.Devin Hundley94$0.53
7.Robert Smith95$0.45
8.Josh Olson98$0.26
8.Howard Henry IV98$0.26
8.John Dapsis 98$0.26
8.Pete Garcia 98$0.26
12.Markus Doll101$0.08
13.Brian Maronde102$0.07
14.Steve Woodland103$0.04
14.Jeff Olson103$0.04
14.Justin Mallinckrodt103$0.04
17.Gilbert Tiedt104$0.00
18.Tyler Vickers108$0.00
18.Graham Shelton108$0.00
18.Brian Lopez108$0.00
21.Andrew Dominici113$0.00
22.Scott Rau117$0.00
23.Rick Plascencia127$0.00
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Ok Medios, for this years FU Open we head back to the LEGENDS course at Tukwet Canyon w/ some USA themed outfits kinda encouraged. Mike Archer has to miss out his chance to defend so the 2020 repeat streak will finally be over. We watch as Brian “Dr. Bob” Lopez and Neil “007” Ashworth, try to add another major to their impressive resumes. But with both Bob AND Neil on the blues at a significant disadvantage, it could be anyone’s for the taking. The rest of the field can expect wide open fairways and punishing rough if you miss them. Oh and some of the largest bunkers anywhere outside of San Andreas at PGA West Stadium. No ones on the Reds as Ricky Dick don’t do new summer heat, but there’s a Lotta potential disaster holes out there from any tee box. Plenty of Medio have left this course saying FU, Howie might still have PTSD from his last round there. Hahaha... Oh goody let’s get it!!!



Group 1 - 7:30AM
  • 1. Pete Garcia
  • 2. Scott Rau
  • 3. Rick Plascencia
Group 2 - 7:40AM
  • 1. Markus Doll
  • 2. Robert Smith
Group 3 - 7:50AM
  • 1. Eric Matteson
  • 2. Jeff Olson
  • 3. Brian Carson
  • 4. Graham Shelton
Group 4 - 8:00AM
  • 1. Josh Olson
  • 2. Andrew Dominici
  • 3. Tommy Cochran
  • 4. Brian Maronde
Group 5 - 8:10AM
  • 1. Brian Lopez
  • 2. Neil Ashworth
  • 3. Justin Mallinckrodt
Group 6 - 8:20AM
  • 1. Christopher Garcia
  • 2. John Dapsis
  • 3. Howard Henry IV
  • 4. Tyler Vickers
Group 7 - 8:30AM
  • 1. Devin Hundley
  • 2. Steve Woodland
  • 3. Gilbert Tiedt

0 Crappy Players Registered