Inland Empire Rebel Beach Am-Am 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017 - 12:00pm
Registration Closes March 12, 2017

Most Mediocre
Lawrence Kelly
Biggest Meltdown
J "far from a star" Olson
Longest Drive
Daniel Gurbada
Closest To Pin
Key to the Red Tee
Ryan Kelly
Event Results
1.J "far from a star" Olson84$0.49
2.Graham Shelton98$0.33
3.Jeff Olson102$0.27
4.Lawrence Kelly104$0.24
5.Daniel Gurbada106$0.20
5.Christopher Garcia106$0.20
7.Ryan Kelly115$0.16
  • Purse
  • How to Pay
    Find chapter leader at the course and pay him CASH
  • Trophy
Welcome to the IE MGA! We will kick off our inaugural season on St. Patty's day weekend at where other than the GREEN River Golf Club! At GREEN River you can usually expect GREEN fairways and GREENER GREENS, but with all of the rain we've been having, even the normally golden hills are a rare brilliant GREEN. (It sounds glorious doesn't it?!) ... but beware of the Abundance of GREEN Trees lining many of the fairways as the course winds its way along the Santa Ana River. Battling the trees hole after hole is a mistake only "GREEN" golfers would make, so aim clear and end up in them anyway! Wearing GREEN is not a requirement but with our golf games, I don't know if any of us can afford to shun the luck of the Irish! If you're not feeling GREEN and ready to hurl after reading this, then come join us! Cheers! -------------- As this is our first event please plan on arriving at the course at 10:45 am. We will meet in the parking lot and go over a few things before we head in. RANGE IS INCLUDED in the price so you will have time to warm up before your game falls apart on the course!

0 Crappy Players Registered