Monterey F.U. Open 2020

Saturday, May 23, 2020 - 10:45am
Registration Closes May 20, 2020

Gabe Moreno
Most Mediocre
Gerry Lomeli
Biggest Meltdown
Brian Leadingham
Longest Drive
Alex Duddy
Closest To Pin
Albert Saldana
Gross Award
Gabe Moreno
Key to the Red Tee
Brian Leadingham
Event Results
1.Gabe Moreno90$1.01
2.Alex Duddy91$0.68
3.Cord Nunez93$0.56
4.Amy Preaseau95$0.51
5.Jacques Preaseau96$0.45
6.Hunter Landers98$0.39
7.Gerry Lomeli101$0.34
8.Albert Saldana102$0.28
9.Benzo Rebiskie104$0.23
10.Travis Goldman109$0.17
11.ryan baird114$0.11
12.Brian Leadingham115$0.06
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I am pleased to announce that we will be starting our season with the official FU coronavirus tournament. We will be adhering to all social distancing rules and regulations of the course please call me if you have any questions we will also be doing a virtual awards meeting afterwards on zoom I’ll send everybody an invite if you provide me your email address. $70 riding add $18 per cart (one rider or one per household)



Group 1 - 10:45AM
  • 1. Amy Preaseau
  • 2. Jacques Preaseau
  • 3. Gerry Lomeli
  • 4. Albert Saldana
Group 2 - 10:53AM
  • 1. ryan baird
  • 2. Brian Leadingham
  • 3. Benzo Rebiskie
  • 4. Hunter Landers
Group 3 - 11:01AM
  • 1. Alex Duddy
  • 2. Gabe Moreno
  • 3. Cord Nunez
  • 4. Travis Goldman

0 Crappy Players Registered