Northern Colorado

Chapter Leader: Christian Kirk

Northern Colorado The Bastards 2018

Sunday, April 22, 2018 - 8:30am
Registration Closes April 21, 2018

Jon Brandt
Most Mediocre
Matthew Becker
Biggest Meltdown
Adam Diel
Longest Drive
CJ Bang
Closest To Pin
Eric Thomas
Key to the Red Tee
Joel Bitler
Event Results
1.Jon Brandt87$1.26
2.Jerry Brandt90$0.84
3.Erik Chellberg91$0.70
4.Jonathan Furst92$0.60
4.John Morley92$0.60
6.Todd Bloch94$0.46
6.Chris Daggett94$0.46
8.Ariel Figuracion96$0.35
9.Eric Thomas98$0.28
10.Matthew Becker99$0.21
11.Adam Diel100$0.11
11.Dillon Spence100$0.11
13.Sean Davis101$0.06
14.CJ Bang103$0.05
15.Jamie Vanden Hoek104$0.04
16.Reese Edens107$0.02
17.Christian Kirk111$0.00
18.Joel Bitler120$0.00
20.Dan AndersonDQ$0.00
20.Mike HobanDNF$0.00
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The Bastards are here! Time so see if Sean can repeat on his very mediocre performance from last year, and hopefully some of these new guys will get there first DQ of their MGA career. I'm excited for this course! They do have Segways, if you want one you have to get there early and take a short class so you cant sue them when you crash the thing. (it will probably happen). They didnt give me a price, but its about the same as a riding cart. Were locked in for Indian Tree in Arvada on Sunday the 22nd. I have 5 tee times booked, deadline is tight on this one. I have to let the pro know by the 17th if we need more or less. Walking price is $45



Group 1 - 8:30AM
  • 1. Chris Daggett
  • 2. Sean Davis
  • 3. Jon Brandt
  • 4. John Morley
Group 2 - 8:38AM
  • 1. Jonathan Furst
  • 2. Eric Thomas
  • 3. Todd Bloch
  • 4. Dan Anderson
Group 3 - 8:46AM
  • 1. Mike Hoban
  • 2. Jerry Brandt
  • 3. Ariel Figuracion
  • 4. Adam Diel
Group 4 - 8:54AM
  • 1. CJ Bang
  • 2. Jamie Vanden Hoek
  • 3. Joel Bitler
  • 4. Reese Edens
Group 5 - 9:02AM
  • 1. Dillon Spence
  • 2. Christian Kirk
  • 3. Matthew Becker
  • 4. Erik Chellberg

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