Northern Colorado

Chapter Leader: Christian Kirk

Northern Colorado Bratish Open 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013 - 1:00pm
Registration Closes July 7, 2013

Steve Saltee
Most Mediocre
John Morley
Biggest Meltdown
John MorleyChris Daggett
Longest Drive
Kyle Elstun
Closest To Pin
Steve Saltee
Gross Award
Kyle Elstun
Key to the Red Tee
Event Results
1.Steve Saltee86$0.79
2.Ariel Figuracion94$0.53
3.Chris Daggett97$0.42
3.Christian Kirk97$0.42
5.Nicholas Pratt99$0.35
6.John Morley100$0.31
7.Mark Williams102$0.26
8.Kent Williams110$0.22
9.Chris Coy115$0.18
17.Kyle ElstunDQ$0.00
  • Purse
  • How to Pay
    Find chapter leader at the course and pay him CASH
  • Trophy
Note, this tourney is on a Saturday, we are looking to schedule a BBQ afterwards to enjoy some cold beverages and let everyone talk shit to each other. The price is dependent on the number of players that we have, so if we get 20, then we will all save 10 bucks (unlikely that we will get 20) so be prepared to pay 75, which includes cart. In addition, this tournament is on links for a reason, notice the name. Come prepared with plenty of balls and duck tape to fix your clubs when you break them, or is that just me...It is also encouraged to dress for the occasion (i.e. knickers and so on).



Group 1 - 1:00PM
  • 1. Kyle Elstun
  • 2. John Morley
  • 3. Kent Williams
Group 2 - 1:08PM
  • 1. Mark Williams
  • 2. Steve Saltee
  • 3. Chris Coy
Group 3 - 1:16PM
  • 1. Nicholas Pratt
  • 2. Ariel Figuracion
  • 3. Chris Daggett
  • 4. Christian Kirk

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