Northern Colorado

Chapter Leader: Christian Kirk

Northern Colorado Douche Bag Invitational 2017

Saturday, September 9, 2017 - 9:20am
Registration Closes September 7, 2017

John Morley
Most Mediocre
Eric Thomas
Biggest Meltdown
Jamie Vanden HoekMike Hoban
Longest Drive
Chris Daggett
Closest To Pin
Gross Award
Dan Anderson
Key to the Red Tee
Mike Hoban
Event Results
1.John Morley84$1.01
2.Dan Anderson87$0.62
2.Jerry Brandt87$0.62
4.Christian Kirk90$0.51
5.Matthew Becker93$0.39
5.Adam Diel93$0.39
5.Eric Thomas93$0.39
8.Ariel Figuracion94$0.28
9.John Knudsen96$0.23
10.Jamie Vanden Hoek100$0.14
10.Chris Daggett100$0.14
12.Mike Hoban104$0.06
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Well the time has come to crown the biggest D-Bag in NOCO. This year we are returning to the lovely City Park Golf Course in Denver! This might be our last chance to play this lovely course, as they are potentially going to turn it into a storm detention pond. So lets throw a big middle finger up to the biggest douche of them all, the City of Denver, for potentially ruining this great course, and crown our next great champ. Dress like your favorite douche bag, bring your C- game, and lets have some fun. I dont know if everyone is getting the invitaion emails, so spread the word around. walking rate is $48



Group 1 - 9:20AM
  • 1. Chris Daggett
  • 2. Mike Hoban
  • 3. Adam Diel
  • 4. John Morley
Group 2 - 9:28AM
  • 1. Christian Kirk
  • 2. Dan Anderson
  • 3. Matthew Becker
  • 4. Jamie Vanden Hoek
Group 3 - 9:36AM
  • 1. Ariel Figuracion
  • 2. John Knudsen
  • 3. Eric Thomas
  • 4. Jerry Brandt

0 Crappy Players Registered

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