Northern Colorado

Chapter Leader: Christian Kirk

Northern Colorado F.U. Open 2018

Sunday, June 24, 2018 - 12:09pm
Registration Closes June 22, 2018

Most Mediocre
Jon Brandt
Biggest Meltdown
John Knudsen
Longest Drive
Closest To Pin
Christian Kirk
Gross Award
SCOTT fabrizio
Key to the Red Tee
CJ Bang
Event Results
1.Erik Chellberg91$0.93
2.SCOTT fabrizio92$0.62
3.Jonathan Furst93$0.49
3.Jerry Brandt93$0.49
5.Christian Kirk94$0.41
6.Jon Brandt97$0.36
7.Ariel Figuracion98$0.31
8.JOHN O'LEARY100$0.26
9.Chris Daggett105$0.21
10.John Knudsen112$0.15
11.CJ Bang114$0.10
12.Jim MeyerDNF$0.00
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Alright fellas. The FU Open will be June 24th at Riverdale in Brighton. The tourney is booked! Slight change of time. The earliest they could get us out is noon. I apologize for the late notice, but thats all we could get. We are playing the Dunes course. Walking rate is $49, riding is $64. I was only able to book 4 tee times, so this one is first come (pay) first served.



Group 1 - 12:09PM
  • 1. Jonathan Furst
  • 2. Christian Kirk
Group 2 - 12:17PM
  • 1. Erik Chellberg
  • 2. Chris Daggett
  • 3. CJ Bang
Group 3 - 12:25PM
  • 1. Jerry Brandt
  • 2. Jim Meyer
  • 3. Ariel Figuracion
Group 4 - 12:33PM
  • 1. Jon Brandt
  • 2. John Knudsen
  • 4. SCOTT fabrizio

0 Crappy Players Registered

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