Northern Colorado

Chapter Leader: Christian Kirk

Northern Colorado Rebel Beach Am-Am 2018

Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 10:30am
Registration Closes March 23, 2018

Most Mediocre
Matthew Becker
Biggest Meltdown
Erik Chellberg
Longest Drive
Chris Daggett
Closest To Pin
Eric Thomas
Key to the Red Tee
Mike Hoban
Event Results
1.Jonathan Furst92$1.05
2.Dan Anderson93$0.70
3.Chris Daggett94$0.58
4.Adam Diel95$0.49
4.John Morley95$0.49
6.Eric Thomas97$0.38
6.Ariel Figuracion97$0.38
8.Matthew Becker99$0.26
8.Todd Bloch99$0.26
10.Jerry Brandt100$0.17
11.Erik Chellberg101$0.12
12.Sean Davis102$0.06
13.Jon Brandt103$0.05
13.Christian Kirk103$0.05
15.Mike Hoban108$0.03
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UPDATE! I AM LOCKED IN WITH 4 TEE TIMES. 2 SPOTS LEFT, FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. Alright boys!! The time has come! Dust off those clubs, pick a partner, and get ready cause the 2018 NOCO season will kick off on March 24th at Pelican lakes in Windsor! Please try and register as soon as you can, I have 4 tee times, which I think should be enough, but I need to know a couple days in advance if I need to cancel or add slots. Can't wait to see all you again! Hopefully the weather holds out and its not freezing cold. Also, walking rate is 50 if any of you crazy fools want to do that.



Group 1 - 10:30AM
  • 1. Jerry Brandt
  • 2. Jon Brandt
  • 3. Mike Hoban
  • 4. Ariel Figuracion
Group 2 - 10:38AM
  • 1. Erik Chellberg
  • 2. John Morley
  • 3. Sean Davis
  • 4. Todd Bloch
Group 3 - 10:46AM
  • 1. Matthew Becker
  • 2. Dan Anderson
  • 3. Chris Daggett
Group 4 - 10:54AM
  • 1. Jonathan Furst
  • 2. Christian Kirk
  • 3. Eric Thomas
  • 4. Adam Diel

0 Crappy Players Registered

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