Orange County

Chapter Leader: Kenny Carlson

Orange County Bratish Open 2019

Saturday, July 13, 2019 - 3:00pm
Registration Closes July 1, 2019

Kenny Carlson
Most Mediocre
Greg Sr. Valenzuela
Biggest Meltdown
Michael DeSio
Longest Drive
Ivan Hernandez
Closest To Pin
Jonathan Reatiga
Gross Award
Kenny Carlson
Key to the Red Tee
Greg Sr. Valenzuela
Event Results
1.Kenny Carlson87$1.18
2.Jason Weamer88$0.79
3.Jonathan Reatiga89$0.66
4.Michael DeSio95$0.59
5.Greg Valenzuela96$0.53
6.Ivan Hernandez99$0.46
7.John Woscek100$0.39
8.Steven Hernandez 103$0.33
9.Fred Valenzuela 105$0.26
10.Eric Frid106$0.20
11.James Ryhal107$0.13
12.Charles Day111$0.07
13.Jamie Adams114$0.06
14.Aaron Romero115$0.05
15.Greg Sr. Valenzuela126$0.03
16.James WhiteDNF$0.00
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  • Trophy
This is the event that is open to outside chapters to challenge the OC members for the Claret Juggs. This was the Bob Dope Classic that Long Beach and OC dueled for in Palm Springs, which we switched to the beach so that people would stop melting. Greg Valenzuela won this with an 88 last year. Come and challenge us. CHALLENGE US!!!



Group 1 - 3:00PM
  • 1. James White
  • 2. Jason Weamer
  • 3. Michael DeSio
  • 4. James Ryhal
Group 2 - 3:08PM
  • 1. Kenny Carlson
  • 2. John Woscek
  • 3. Ivan Hernandez
  • 4. Steven Hernandez
Group 3 - 3:16PM
  • 1. Greg Valenzuela
  • 2. Jonathan Reatiga
  • 3. Eric Frid
  • 4. Aaron Romero
Group 4 - 3:24PM
  • 1. Greg Sr. Valenzuela
  • 2. Fred Valenzuela
  • 3. Charles Day
  • 4. Jamie Adams

0 Crappy Players Registered

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