Orange County

Chapter Leader: Kenny Carlson

Orange County The Last Gasp 2017

Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 11:30am
Registration Closes October 13, 2017

Most Mediocre
Fred Valenzuela
Biggest Meltdown
Jason Weamer
Longest Drive
Phillip Valenzuela
Key to the Red Tee
Gavin Keeler
Event Results
1.Edward “Fast Eddie” Howard90$1.12
2.Greg Valenzuela93$0.74
3.Michael DeSio94$0.62
4.Phillip Valenzuela96$0.53
4.Toby Olsen96$0.53
6.Kenny Carlson98$0.43
7.Garran Hein99$0.37
8.Jason Weamer100$0.28
8.Fred Valenzuela 100$0.28
10.Tony Morales102$0.19
11.Marcus Hirth103$0.09
11.Eric Frid103$0.09
13.John Woods107$0.06
14.Will Orr109$0.04
15.James White110$0.03
16.John Woscek111$0.02
17.Jamie Adams115$0.00
18.Greg Sr. Valenzuela119$0.00
19.Rikin Patel137$0.00
20.Gavin Keeler146$0.00
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  • Trophy
The last tournament is at one of the hardest courses in Orange County. Placed on the side of a hill, it prepares you for the tough "Revere" course in Vegas. Toby Olsen won last years tournament, which also led to acquiring the Money List title. Take him out! He actually sucks at golf so it shouldn't be too hard. For this last event we will have a later start for a cheaper rate and after party and award ceremony where we will also announce the chapter money list leader. Don't miss out on the last event of the season!



Group 1 - 11:30AM
  • 1. Michael DeSio
  • 2. Edward “Fast Eddie” Howard
  • 3. John Woods
  • 4. James White
Group 2 - 11:38AM
  • 1. Toby Olsen
  • 2. Jason Weamer
  • 3. Eric Frid
  • 4. Greg Valenzuela
Group 3 - 11:46AM
  • 1. Fred Valenzuela
  • 2. Phillip Valenzuela
  • 3. Greg Sr. Valenzuela
  • 4. Will Orr
Group 4 - 11:54AM
  • 1. Gavin Keeler
  • 2. Jamie Adams
  • 3. Kenny Carlson
  • 4. John Woscek
Group 5 - 12:02PM
  • 1. Rikin Patel
  • 2. Tony Morales
  • 3. Garran Hein

0 Crappy Players Registered