Phoenix The Last Gasp 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012 - 8:00am
Registration Closes September 23, 2012

Most Mediocre
martin fabian
Biggest Meltdown
Marc Gradillas
Longest Drive
Marc Gradillas
Closest To Pin
David Colby
Gross Award
Marc Gradillas
Key to the Red Tee
Event Results
1.Marc Gradillas88$1.12
2.Miguel Slowvick89$0.74
3.Gerald Myroniuk97$0.62
4.James Flynn99$0.53
4.Ken Copeland99$0.53
6.Tommy Macfarlane100$0.43
7.martin fabian103$0.37
8.David Colby104$0.31
9.paul bohlman108$0.25
10.Bryan Schanche111$0.19
11.Joanne Shymanski112$0.12
12.Sandra Myroniuk118$0.06
13.Sam Stark119$0.06
14.Carol McCulloch126$0.04
15.ryan waas128$0.03
16.Jonathan Ayres143$0.02
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    Find chapter leader at the course and pay him CASH
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