Pinellas County

Chapter Leader: Joe Carideo

Pinellas County The Bastards 2019

Saturday, April 20, 2019 - 9:30am
Registration Closes April 17, 2019

Steve Persang
Most Mediocre
Tim Riley
Biggest Meltdown
Jack Cashon
Longest Drive
Lawrence Hurst
Closest To Pin
joe bongo
Gross Award
Mike Robin
Key to the Red Tee
Adrian Day
Event Results
1.Steve Persang80$1.26
2.Wayne R. Persang80$0.84
3.Joe Carideo83$0.63
3.DJ Fajt83$0.63
3.John Swiger83$0.63
6.Wayne Persang Jr.84$0.49
7.Barry Rose86$0.42
8.Mike Garner87$0.32
8.olien hill87$0.32
10.richard potter90$0.18
10.Tim Riley90$0.18
12.joe bongo91$0.06
12.Larry Campoli91$0.06
12.Jack Cashon91$0.06
15.John Poff93$0.04
16.Lawrence Hurst95$0.02
17.Fay Perttunen97$0.00
18.Stanley Kohut98$0.00
19.Chris Pinnegar99$0.00
19.Doug Jacobs99$0.00
21.William Lay100$0.00
22.Adrian Day103$0.00
23.Mike RobinDQ$0.00
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  • Trophy
The Mainlands Golf Course in Pinellas Park, is new to our tour this year. It may be a little shorter in length, but don't think for a minute, that this course is a "pushover"! Both discerning locals and savvy snowbirds alike, flock each year to this shorter but sweeter course in search of the Zen that golf provides. Comprised of seven par 3’s, nine par 4’s, and a par 5 on each nine, the course offers a little something for everyone. Mainlands can and does tease longer hitters with the possibility of driving the green on several par 4’s. Both par 5’s, with a well placed drive, also offer the potential for eagles. This is your chance to win our version of the coveted Green Jacket. Last year's winner, Steve Persang won't go down without fight! So register early, and don't forget to pre-pay.



Group 1 - 9:30AM
  • 1. Barry Rose
  • 2. olien hill
  • 3. richard potter
Group 2 - 9:38AM
  • 1. joe bongo
  • 2. Stanley Kohut
  • 3. Adrian Day
  • 4. Doug Jacobs
Group 3 - 9:46AM
  • 1. Mike Robin
  • 2. Steve Persang
  • 3. Mike Garner
  • 4. Wayne Persang Jr.
Group 4 - 9:54AM
  • 1. Tim Riley
  • 2. John Poff
  • 3. Jack Cashon
  • 4. DJ Fajt
Group 5 - 10:02AM
  • 1. Lawrence Hurst
  • 2. William Lay
  • 3. John Swiger
  • 4. Fay Perttunen
Group 6 - 10:10AM
  • 1. Joe Carideo
  • 2. Chris Pinnegar
  • 3. Wayne R. Persang
  • 4. Larry Campoli

0 Crappy Players Registered

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