San Francisco

Chapter Leader: Jon Morley

San Francisco The Bastards 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011 - 10:00am
Max Lanier
Most Mediocre
David Armstrong
Biggest Meltdown
Willie Dills
Longest Drive
Tod Benoit-Benoit
Closest To Pin
Bully Bollwinkel
Gross Award
Stacey Ward
Key to the Red Tee
Event Results
1.Max Lanier84$1.26
2.Rob Doten86$0.84
3.Bob G87$0.70
4.Tod Benoit-Benoit 88$0.63
5.Willie Dills89$0.56
6.Nate Grimstvedt91$0.49
7.Chad Nessi92$0.39
7.Jon Morley92$0.39
9.Martin Brohm93$0.28
10.Rod "BogeyPro" Aguilar94$0.14
10.Mark Swan94$0.14
10.michael goode94$0.14
13.Gabriel Elash95$0.06
14.John James96$0.05
14.Rob Kristie96$0.05
16.Bully Bollwinkel98$0.01
16.Jon Prezalar98$0.01
16.Mike Plemons98$0.01
19.David Armstrong99$0.00
20.Justin Davidson100$0.00
20.David Richardson100$0.00
20.Matt Clopton100$0.00
23.Sean Supple101$0.00
24.Chris Jönsson103$0.00
25.victoria martin104$0.00
26.Dave Conkle110$0.00
26.Sylvia McGovern110$0.00
28.Tom Townsend112$0.00
29.Nathan Skelton115$0.00 vak115$0.00
31.Mike Vo124$0.00
32.Bret Miller126$0.00
33.Stacey Ward83$0.00
  • Purse
  • Trophy

$55 CASH walking. Only $50 for the brave golf warriors who played in the Am-Am. 


As always, tee times are subject to change, so check back here before you head to the course.


*updated 4/8/11



12 12:08 12:16 12:24
Davidson Elash Swan Aguilar
Ward Jonsson Brohm Skelton
Gregory Kristie Graham Martin
Townsend Bully Giosso Benoit
12:32 12:38 12:46 12:54
Supple James McGovern Plemons
Miller Doten Clopton Novak
Armstrong Lanier Nessi Conkle
Vo Goode




The most storied tournament in the history of the MGA is all set to take place April 10th at Tilden Park GC in Berkeley. The list of past winners of this event reads like a who's who of the MGA.

'06 - Jon Morley - His last real glory in the MGA
'07 - Willie Gregory - Faded into obscurity after the win, but made a miraculous return to form by winning the 2010 Global Money Title.
'08 - Juan Camacho - An old school MGAer and leader of the Camacho Cartel, he is always on the cusp of playing his way out of the MGA.
'09 - Todd Benoit - I think we all know plenty already of his MGA record.
'10 - Dave Armstrong - A crowd favorite and regular contender at every MGA event he plays in.
'11 - ???????

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