San Francisco

Chapter Leader: Jon Morley

San Francisco Douche Bag Invitational 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011 - 10:30am
Most Mediocre
Kent Jamieson
Biggest Meltdown
David Richardson
Longest Drive
Stacey Ward
Closest To Pin
Willie Dills
Gross Award
Tim Anderson
Key to the Red Tee
Event Results
1.Bully Bollwinkel86$1.35
2.Willie Dills87$0.83
2.Tim Anderson87$0.83
4.Tod Benoit-Benoit 88$0.64
4.Jon Morley88$0.64
6.John James89$0.49
6.Max Lanier89$0.49
8.Mike Plemons90$0.38
9.Stacey Ward91$0.30
10.Welder *92$0.23
11.Bob G93$0.09
11.Rob Doten93$0.09
11.victoria martin93$0.09
11.David Richardson93$0.09
15.Nate Grimstvedt94$0.04
16.Rob Kristie95$0.01
16.Rod "BogeyPro" Aguilar95$0.01
18.Kent Jamieson96$0.00
19.Martin Brohm98$0.00
19.David Armstrong98$0.00
21.Jon Prezalar99$0.00
22.Nathan Skelton100$0.00
22.Chris Jönsson100$0.00 vak102$0.00
25.Matt Clopton104$0.00
26.Sean Supple114$0.00
27.Alex Fontana120$0.00
  • Purse
  • Trophy

$40 CASH walking



12:30 12:38 12:46 12:54
Gregory James Prezalar Benoit
Giosso Supple Grimstvedt Clopton
Ward Armstrong Doten Martin
Richardson Kristie Lanier Skelton
1:02 1:10 1:18
Plemons Jamieson Morley
Novak "Welder" Brohm
Anderson Bully Aguilar
Fontana Jonsson



You'll need to peel that $20 off the outside of your knot or else count off 40 of the singles wrapped tightly inside of it to pay your entry fee for this one. The course is ultra flat, so this is an easy walk unless you plan to get so drunk you won't be able to walk by the end.


As always we encourage you to dress up as whatever you envision a douchebag to look like. Last year the course allowed Clopton on the property in daisy dukes and Novak in a see-through belly shirt, so based on that it seems anything goes.

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