San Francisco

Chapter Leader: Jon Morley

San Francisco FORE! Championship 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011 - 6:30am
Most Mediocre
Willie Dills
Biggest Meltdown
Casey Watson
Longest Drive
Tod Benoit-Benoit
Closest To Pin
no vak
Gross Award
Tod Benoit-Benoit
Key to the Red Tee
Event Results
1.Tod Benoit-Benoit 83$1.71
2.Rod "BogeyPro" Aguilar84$1.14
3.Jon Morley86$0.95
4.Mike Plemons88$0.81
4.Tim Anderson88$0.81
6.Stacey Ward89$0.57
6.Kent Jamieson89$0.57
6.Sean Supple89$0.57
9.Martin Brohm90$0.29
9.Gabriel Elash90$0.29
9.David Armstrong90$0.29
12.Chad Nessi92$0.07
12.Todd Heinemann92$0.07
12.Bob G92$0.07
12.Nils Erickson92$0.07
16.Aris Voulkos93$0.02
16.Jon Prezalar93$0.02
18.Willie Dills94$0.00
19.David Richardson95$0.00
19.Teddy F.U. Graham95$0.00
21.michael goode96$0.00
22.Rob Doten97$0.00
23.Chris Jönsson98$0.00
24.Rob Kristie99$0.00
25.Welder *100$0.00
26.Justin Davidson102$0.00
28.Nathan Skelton103$0.00
28.Chris Vance103$0.00
28.Casey Watson103$0.00
28.victoria martin103$0.00
32.Tom Townsend104$0.00
33.Bully Bollwinkel105$0.00
34.Jess Alvarado106$0.00
35.Matt Clopton108$0.00
36.Sylvia McGovern109$0.00
37.Jason McFarlin111$0.00
38.Bret Miller112$0.00 vak114$0.00
40.Mike Vo0$0.00
  • Purse
  • Trophy

NOTE THE EARLY START TIME. 8:30am Adjust your drinking accordingly.


$50 walking CASH


Last tee time shuffle occurred at 10:42 am on Saturday.




8:30 8:38 8:46 8:54
Martin Archer Doten Supple
Skelton Jamieson Graham Miller
Gregory Goode Aguilar Richardson
Benoit Elash Prezalar Vo
9:02 9:10 9:18 9:26
Bully Capozzola Townsend Anderson
Ward Heinemann Plemons Giosso
McGovern McFarlin Davidson Nessi
Clopton Armstrong Brohm Novak
9:34 9:42
Kristie Morley
Vance Avlarado
Jonsson Watson

We usually save the Chuck for the DBI, but we're making an early stop there this season. For those of you who have never played the Chuck, it's flat and forgiving, so bring your walking shoes and your wildest driver. Low scores rule in Alameda, so let's make some meagles for some dude!


A massive purse of $9.500,000 is up for grabs at this big money tournament! You will need a strong finish here if you hope to challenge for the SF money title this year.

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