San Francisco

Chapter Leader: Jon Morley

San Francisco The MGA 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011 - 10:00am
Most Mediocre
John James
Biggest Meltdown
Chris Jönsson
Longest Drive
Todd Heinemann
Closest To Pin
Stacey Ward
Gross Award
Jon Morley
Key to the Red Tee
Event Results
1.Bully Bollwinkel87$1.35
2.Jon Morley88$0.90
3.Tim Anderson92$0.72
3.Sean Supple92$0.72
5.Bob G93$0.45
5.Jon Prezalar93$0.45
5.Rod "BogeyPro" Aguilar93$0.45
5.Todd Benoit-Benoit 93$0.45
5.Todd Heinemann93$0.45
10.Stacey Ward94$0.15
10.Mike Plemons94$0.15
10.Willie Dills94$0.15
13.Max Lanier95$0.06
13.Martin Brohm95$0.06
15.Teddy F.U. Graham97$0.03
15.Chris Jönsson97$0.03
17.John James99$0.00
18.David Armstrong100$0.00
18.Chad Nessi100$0.00
18.Matt Clopton100$0.00
21.Nate Grimstvedt101$0.00
21.Rob Doten101$0.00
23.Mark Swan102$0.00
24.Welder *103$0.00
25.Rob Kristie105$0.00
26.Nathan Skelton106$0.00
27.Jason McFarlin108$0.00
28.Brian Griffin112$0.00
29.Jess Alvarado127$0.00
30.Alex Fontana132$0.00
  • Purse
  • Trophy

$60 CASH. Highway robbery I know, but this price includes a cart, which they are requiring as part of the tournament package.


The usual rules applies, show up at least a half hour before your tee time, because the range is nowhere near where we tee off and there may be changes in the pairings if we have no shows.


ps. don't no show.


12:00 12:08 12:16 12:24
Gregory Swan Benoit Doten
Armstrong Fontana Ward Graham
Kristie Aguilar Lanier Jonsson
Skelton Alvarado Welder Brohm
12:32 12:40 12:48 12:56
James Heinemann Nessi Morley
Supple McFarlin Clopton Plemons
Griffin Bully Giosso Anderson
Prezalar Grimstvedt


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