South O.C.

Chapter Leader: Cengiz Tekin

South O.C. Bratish Open 2018

Sunday, July 15, 2018 - 1:30pm
Registration Closes July 10, 2018

Most Mediocre
Biggest Meltdown
Longest Drive
Matt Telles
Closest To Pin
Clint Davis
Gross Award
Key to the Red Tee
Joe Duffy
Event Results
1.Tom WERLING85$1.26
2.Nathan Swain87$0.84
3.Joseph Mancinelli90$0.67
3.Matt Telles90$0.67
5.Bobby Barcelona91$0.56
6.Clint Davis93$0.49
7.Quan Ha95$0.42
8.David Duran96$0.32
8.Deb Giamformaggio96$0.32
10.Troy Sabrowski100$0.18
10.Cengiz Tekin100$0.18
12.John Hatcher101$0.07
13.Joshua Soliz103$0.06
14.Biz Rudolph104$0.05
15.Aaron Edwards105$0.04
16.Nick Dempsey114$0.02
17.Daniel Telles116$0.00
18.Joe Duffy118$0.00
19.David Puzio119$0.00
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  • Trophy
*****OK BOYS AND GIRLS!!!****** Are you ready for this AMAZING round of golf AND deal?!?!Your participation not only gets you a chance to win the JUGGS...but you will also get... complimentary Tee Prizes (Divot Tool, Yardage Book, and Commemorative Poster) AND 2018 Monarch Beach Crown Club Membership (Membership valid through March 31st, 2019) $129 value. The Crown Club Cardholder Program at Monarch Beach Golf Links gives you value, flexibility, convenience and privilege. As a Crown Club Cardholder, receive 30%-55% off standard guest fees (bases on availability, seasonality and off-peak times), plus a number of other special values. Join today and make the oceanfront golf at Monarch Beach your home!!! The 2018 Crown Club includes: ~ Flexible Guest Fees for Members + up to 3 Guests ~ ~ Includes $25 Merchandise Credit Gift Card OR! *$30 in GolfCash Merchandise Credit ~ ~ 5 Day Booking Window ~ ~ **Free Round of Golf during your Birthday Week ~ ~ Enjoy Early Twilight Rates ~ ~ Best Rate Guaranteed on Golf Balls, Clubs, Bags & Shoes + Golf Shop Discount ~ ~ Earn Bonus Points on Guest Fees & Merchandise purchases to be redeemed towards Free Rounds of Golf ~ ~ Ability to compete in Member only Tournaments & attend Cardholder-only Events ~ AND MUCH MORE!!! The home of golf is celebrated with this tongue-in-cheek event. Traditionally played on a links style course if one can be found in town and in budget. The winner of this event is presented with the Claret Juggs and is guaranteed to get some double-takes while transporting the trophy back to his car.



Group 1 - 1:30PM
  • 1. Biz Rudolph
  • 2. Nathan Swain
  • 3. Tom WERLING
  • 4. Deb Giamformaggio
Group 2 - 1:38PM
  • 1. Quan Ha
  • 2. David Duran
  • 3. Clint Davis
  • 4. Bobby Barcelona
Group 3 - 1:46PM
  • 1. Aaron Edwards
  • 2. Nick Dempsey
  • 3. Matt Telles
Group 4 - 1:54PM
  • 1. David Puzio
  • 2. Cengiz Tekin
  • 3. Joshua Soliz
Group 5 - 2:02PM
  • 1. Daniel Telles
  • 2. John Hatcher
  • 3. Joe Duffy
  • 4. Troy Sabrowski

0 Crappy Players Registered