South O.C.

Chapter Leader: Nick Dempsey

South O.C. F.U. Open 2018

Sunday, June 10, 2018 - 11:00am
Registration Closes June 6, 2018

Clint Davis
Most Mediocre
Biggest Meltdown
Longest Drive
Keith McDaniel
Closest To Pin
Gross Award
Key to the Red Tee
David Puzio
Event Results
1.Clint Davis89$1.35
2.Tom WERLING90$0.83
2.Bobby Barcelona90$0.83
4.Nick Beard93$0.68
5.Joseph Mancinelli95$0.60
6.Nick Plant97$0.41
6.Troy Sabrowski97$0.41
6.Chris Ruth97$0.41
6.Keith McDaniel 97$0.41
10.John Hatcher99$0.23
11.David Duran100$0.15
12.Kei Fujita101$0.08
13.Derek Francoise104$0.06
13.michael Detjen104$0.06
15.Deb Giamformaggio105$0.04
16.Cengiz Tekin111$0.02
17.Nick Dempsey120$0.00
18.Mike Balsamo123$0.00
19.David Puzio126$0.00
20.Biz Rudolph133$0.00
  • Purse
  • How to Pay
    Go into the pro shop and pay them for your round!
  • Trophy
Do not tell the pro shop that we are having a “tournament”... Joe Duffy (who’s not playing) helped set this up for us... he is a Veteran.... so a BIG thank you Joe for setting this up...and an even BIGGER THANK you for your service!!! I’m bummed you can’t make this tourney.... The summer swing of majors starts with the Freedom and Unity Open, the most patriotic of all MGA events. Red white and blue come standard with this tournament and patriotic clothing is all but mandatory. Eagles, while all-but-extinct on a golf course full of mediocre players, will always feature heavily in this tournaments yearly trophy. Keeping RICH with tradition...please dress as patriotic as possible...there might even be some prizes this year...



Group 1 - 11:00AM
  • 1. Nick Beard
  • 2. Chris Ruth
  • 3. Cengiz Tekin
  • 4. Deb Giamformaggio
Group 2 - 11:08AM
  • 1. michael Detjen
  • 2. Nick Plant
  • 3. Kei Fujita
  • 4. Mike Balsamo
Group 3 - 11:16AM
  • 1. Biz Rudolph
  • 2. Troy Sabrowski
  • 3. John Hatcher
  • 4. Derek Francoise
Group 4 - 11:24AM
  • 1. Bobby Barcelona
  • 2. David Duran
  • 3. Clint Davis
  • 4. Nick Dempsey
Group 5 - 11:32AM
  • 1. Tom WERLING
  • 2. Keith McDaniel
  • 3. Joseph Mancinelli

0 Crappy Players Registered