South O.C.

Chapter Leader: Cengiz Tekin

South O.C. Rebel Beach Am-Am 2016

Sunday, March 20, 2016 - 11:15am
Registration Closes March 16, 2016

Quan Ha
Most Mediocre
Biz Rudolph
Biggest Meltdown
Nathan Mowery
Longest Drive
Joseph Mancinelli
Closest To Pin
Ryan O'Toole
Gross Award
Cengiz Tekin
Key to the Red Tee
Event Results
1.Quan Ha86$1.12
2.Ryan O'Toole89$0.68
2.Joseph Mancinelli89$0.68
4.Augie Ullmann91$0.56
5.Nathan Swain92$0.50
6.David Duran93$0.43
7.Loren Cargile94$0.34
7.Troy Sabrowski94$0.34
9.Bobby Barcelona95$0.25
10.Cengiz Tekin96$0.16
10.Paul Zambrano 96$0.16
12.Matt Telles97$0.06
13.Joshua Winters98$0.06
14.John Hatcher100$0.04
15.Kei Fujita101$0.02
15.michael Detjen101$0.02
17.Matt Junior102$0.00
18.Andy Gaume104$0.00
19.Nathan Mowery110$0.00
20.Aaron Edwards111$0.00
20.Arash Salahshour111$0.00
22.Nick Dempsey113$0.00
23.Andy Lambert117$0.00
24.Frank Razi124$0.00
25.Barry Gabster134$0.00
26.Biz Rudolph137$0.00
  • Purse
  • How to Pay
    Find chapter leader at the course and pay him CASH
  • Trophy
*****UP DATED TIME***** We are now teeing off at 11:15. Sorry for any inconvenience... ALSO, this is the Am-AM and is a TEAM event!! Please let me know who is your teammate. You should also dress accordingly in matching outfits. The Am-Am is a two-man team event. The team with the lowest total score will win the two-headed trophies, featuring one head focusing on a putt, while the other chugs a beer. The money prizes will still be awarded based on individual scoring in the tournament, so the overall winner will receive the big check. The last thing any Medio wants to do is ruin his friend’s entire season, and perhaps his chance at the World Title, with his terrible play. We will be playing the Los Logas course!! Please let me know who your teammate is and PLEASE dress in matching outfits. We are trying to step it up this year and make the most fun out of the season!!!



Group 1 - 11:15AM
  • 1. Cengiz Tekin
  • 2. Biz Rudolph
  • 3. Arash Salahshour
  • 4. Frank Razi
Group 2 - 11:23AM
  • 1. Augie Ullmann
  • 2. Matt Telles
  • 3. Aaron Edwards
  • 4. Matt Junior
Group 3 - 11:31AM
  • 1. John Hatcher
  • 2. Andy Lambert
  • 3. Andy Gaume
Group 4 - 11:39AM
  • 1. Bobby Barcelona
  • 2. Paul Zambrano
  • 3. Joshua Winters
  • 4. Quan Ha
Group 5 - 11:47AM
  • 1. Kei Fujita
  • 2. David Duran
  • 3. Nathan Swain
Group 6 - 11:55AM
  • 1. Joseph Mancinelli
  • 2. Troy Sabrowski
  • 3. michael Detjen
Group 7 - 12:03PM
  • 1. Nick Dempsey
  • 2. Nathan Mowery
  • 3. Ryan O'Toole

0 Crappy Players Registered