Spokane FORE! Championship 2018

Sunday, May 20, 2018 - 9:00am
Registration Closes May 16, 2018

Most Mediocre
Ryan Wilcox
Biggest Meltdown
Jeremy Johnson
Longest Drive
Damon Netz
Closest To Pin
Ted Christenson
Gross Award
Andrew Benson
Key to the Red Tee
Jeremy Johnson
Event Results
1.Andrew Benson 86$1.71
2.Matthew Ittner90$1.14
3.Chad Flett91$0.90
3.Bob Adsero91$0.90
5.Miguel Juanston95$0.76
6.Damon Netz96$0.67
7.Ted Christenson98$0.52
7.Justin Krautkraemer98$0.52
9.Jon Dresback100$0.33
9.Ryan Wilcox100$0.33
11.Scott Kaulig105$0.14
11.Andy Butler105$0.14
13.Chris Copell107$0.09
14.Embay Lee108$0.07
15.Andy Gardner111$0.04
15.Dillon Waybright111$0.04
17.Blake Miller112$0.00
18.Brad Parker121$0.00
19.Jeremy Johnson127$0.00
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The FORE! at the Fairways. My only win of the 2017 and I am looking to defend it...but will probably shoot a 120. This event is played at the home of the wind vortex peninsula green at 13. A 151yd par-3 where even the most skilled players under estimate the brutality of the West Plains winds making them second and third guess club selection. Perfect for us Medios to card a 6...or more. Perhaps the most appropriately named MGA event, the FORE! Championship offers one last low-pressure event before entering the summer swing of majors. While itself not a major, the tournament features the largest purse of the year outside of the World Championship. So a win here goes a long way towards a chapter money title!



Group 1 - 9:00AM
  • 1. Scott Kaulig
  • 2. Andy Gardner
  • 3. Brad Parker
  • 4. Jeremy Johnson
Group 2 - 9:08AM
  • 1. Matthew Ittner
  • 2. Embay Lee
  • 3. Justin Krautkraemer
  • 4. Dillon Waybright
Group 3 - 9:16AM
  • 1. Damon Netz
  • 2. Ted Christenson
  • 3. Andrew Benson
  • 4. Jon Dresback
Group 4 - 9:24AM
  • 1. Chris Copell
  • 2. Blake Miller
  • 3. Andy Butler
  • 4. Chad Flett
Group 5 - 9:32AM
  • 1. Miguel Juanston
  • 2. Ryan Wilcox
  • 3. Bob Adsero
Group 6 - 9:40AM

0 Crappy Players Registered

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