Chapter Leader: Scott Kaulig

Spokane The Last Gasp 2018

Sunday, September 30, 2018 - 1:00pm
Registration Closes September 26, 2018

Jon Dresback
Most Mediocre
Jeremy Johnson
Biggest Meltdown
Miguel Juanston
Longest Drive
Ted Christenson
Closest To Pin
Matthew Ittner
Gross Award
Matthew Ittner
Key to the Red Tee
Miguel Juanston
Event Results
1.Jon Dresback87$1.05
2.Damon Netz88$0.70
3.Matthew Ittner90$0.58
4.Bob Adsero92$0.52
5.Andy Butler94$0.47
6.Jeremy Johnson98$0.41
7.Blake Miller100$0.32
7.TJ Bolser100$0.32
9.Scott Kaulig102$0.17
9.Andy Gardner102$0.17
9.Justin Krautkraemer102$0.17
12.Dillon Waybright103$0.06
13.Ted Christenson105$0.05
14.Sean Widmer106$0.03
14.Miguel Juanston106$0.03
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This is the Last Gasp...Your last chance to get to Vegas, earn a little coin for the season, or earn the coveted MGA t-shirt....But moreover this the Last Gasp for the always wonderful Sundance Golf Course as they will be closing the course for good in October.



Group 1 - 1:00PM
  • 1. Jon Dresback
  • 2. Andy Gardner
  • 3. Jeremy Johnson
  • 4. Sean Widmer
Group 2 - 1:08PM
  • 1. Bob Adsero
  • 2. Blake Miller
  • 3. Miguel Juanston
  • 4. Justin Krautkraemer
Group 3 - 1:16PM
  • 1. Damon Netz
  • 2. Andy Butler
  • 3. Dillon Waybright
Group 4 - 1:24PM
  • 1. Scott Kaulig
  • 2. Matthew Ittner
  • 3. Ted Christenson
  • 4. TJ Bolser
Group 5 - 1:32PM

0 Crappy Players Registered

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