Spring Hill Douche Bag Invitational 2020

Saturday, September 19, 2020 - 8:15am
Registration Closes September 16, 2020

Most Mediocre
Leroy Hamilton
Biggest Meltdown
Mike Robin
Longest Drive
Andrew Barno
Closest To Pin
Pat Farra
Gross Award
Andrew Barno
Key to the Red Tee
Wayne Eidson
Event Results
1.Donald Nogiewich87$0.84
2.Andrew Barno89$0.52
2.Mike Robin89$0.52
4.Pat Farra93$0.42
5.Leroy Hamilton94$0.35
5.Pete "Padre" Bedell94$0.35
7.Lawrence Waterman103$0.28
8.Marion Kelley108$0.23
9.John Montagnino111$0.19
10.Wayne Eidson120$0.14
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The majors are over and you will have to wait until next year to become a major champion. But that’s no reason not to tell all the chicks (or dudes) in the bar that you’re a major champ anyway, while doing Jaeger shots and talking about how much money you made last year. Welcome to the Douche Bag Invitational! Everyone’s interpretation of a douche bag varies, so show us what you think one looks like by dressing up as one. Hey, but don’t worry about offending someone because you probably will no matter what you wear. Remember though, you can dress like a douche bag but acting like one is verboten! The winner of this event gets an embroidered visor, up-side-down naturally, because that’s how douche bags wear them. The logo depicts a knot of one dollar bills with a twenty wrapped around the outside.... douche.

Brooksville Country Club provides an experience that is dramatically different from the usual Florida golf course. Tumbling fairways weave through ancient Live Oak trees while a unique set of dramatic holes snake along, around and in between the sheer rock walls of an abandoned limestone mine. Hole #12 has been honored in Golf Digest as one of the 18 “most Fun Holes of Golf in America!”.

Registration and pre-payment is required before the registration deadline in order to be considered for any trophies and awards. You can pre-pay using the PayPal button above or pre-pay the Chapter Leader directly prior to the deadline.



Group 1 - 8:15AM
  • 1. Donald Nogiewich
  • 2. Lawrence Waterman
  • 3. Wayne Eidson
Group 2 - 8:15AM
  • 1. Leroy Hamilton
  • 2. Mike Robin
  • 3. Andrew Barno
  • 4. Pat Farra
Group 3 - 8:15AM
  • 1. Pete "Padre" Bedell
  • 2. John Montagnino
  • 3. Marion Kelley

0 Crappy Players Registered

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