Spring Hill

Chapter Leader: Pete Bedell

Spring Hill The MGA 2019

Saturday, May 4, 2019 - 11:30am
Registration Closes May 1, 2019

Most Mediocre
david sulik
Biggest Meltdown
Marion Kelley
Longest Drive
Paul Normandin
Closest To Pin
Greg Brown
Gross Award
Paul Normandin
Key to the Red Tee
Mike Sulik
Event Results
1.Paul Normandin91$1.35
2.Francisco Mendes92$0.90
3.Pete Bedell93$0.71
3.Greg Brown93$0.71
5.Troy McNeal97$0.60
6.Randy Dunaway98$0.53
7.gregory Bobrowski103$0.45
8.david sulik105$0.38
9.Leroy Hamilton108$0.23
9.Roy Huden108$0.23
9.Robert Mongold108$0.23
12.Marion Kelley109$0.07
12.Charly Osz109$0.07
14.Craig Domini112$0.05
14.Lawrence Waterman112$0.05
16.Mike Sulik113$0.02
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  • Trophy

The PGA tournament was moved earlier in the year and we've followed suit with our MGA tournament. Now we've got the 4 major tournaments in a row and the MGA is the 2nd of those.

The MGA trophy brings to life the iconic image of El Presidente throwing his hands up in frustration after missing yet another short putt! This also brings to mind his meltdown performance in last year's Medio Cup.

Your under-accomplished chapter leader has used his connections to get us a good deal on the beautiful semi-private course at Southern Woods. This facility has the same owner as World Woods, and Southern Woods is kept in as-good-if-not-better shape. Don't take my word for it. Ask around.

This year's tournament is sponsored by our friend Mark Downing at Downing Funeral Home. He can't do anything about your dying golf game but he knows how to help people in their time of need. And as he likes to say, he'll be the last one to let you down.

For newcomers, you're welcome to come out and kick the tires of the MGA, get to know our members, and get familiar with how the MGA works before you go for your membership card and commit to the world that you're mediocre. Be aware however that only members can earn trophies and awards.

Registration and pre-payment is required before the registration deadline in order to be considered for any trophies and awards. You can pre-pay using the PayPal button above or pre-pay the Chapter Leader directly prior to the deadline.



Group 1 - 11:30AM
  • 1. Troy McNeal
  • 2. Paul Normandin
  • 3. Marion Kelley
Group 2 - 11:38AM
  • 1. gregory Bobrowski
  • 2. Randy Dunaway
  • 3. Craig Domini
Group 3 - 11:46AM
  • 1. david sulik
  • 2. Mike Sulik
  • 3. Robert Mongold
  • 4. Francisco Mendes
Group 4 - 11:54AM
  • 1. Pete Bedell
  • 2. Lawrence Waterman
  • 3. Mike Robin
Group 5 - 12:02PM
  • 1. Leroy Hamilton
  • 2. Roy Huden
  • 3. Greg Brown
  • 4. Charly Osz

0 Crappy Players Registered

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