Tampa Bratish Open 2019

Saturday, July 27, 2019 - 7:55am
Registration Closes July 18, 2019

Caleb Medley
Most Mediocre
Ariel Rodriguez
Biggest Meltdown
Carl Chilly Dip Canestrano
Longest Drive
JJ "Da Boss" Gee
Closest To Pin
Chris Adams
Gross Award
Bret Fuller
Key to the Red Tee
Kasinathan Chandrashekar
Event Results
1.Caleb Medley83$1.26
2.Tom Wilkes85$0.77
2.Kal Kalamas85$0.77
4.Bill L.O.F.T. Cusick86$0.63
5.Doug Rea88$0.53
5.Freddy Fredericks 88$0.53
7.Stuart Murdock91$0.42
8.Robert Froehlich92$0.21
8.Phillip Chamberlain 92$0.21
8.Doc Schaub92$0.21
8.Carl Chilly Dip Canestrano92$0.21
8.Ariel Rodriguez92$0.21
13.JJ "Da Boss" Gee 93$0.06
14.Jeff Gee95$0.05
15.Brad Campbell96$0.03
15.Richard Blank96$0.03
17.Kevin McKeon98$0.00
17.Russell Chambers98$0.00
19.Amy Fields99$0.00
20.Frank Chisenhall 101$0.00
20.John Burgess101$0.00
22.Chris Adams102$0.00
23.Kasinathan Chandrashekar129$0.00
24.Bret FullerDQ$0.00
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  • Trophy
The home of golf (Scotland) is celebrated at this tradition-inspired event so you're encouraged to show this in your ensemble and accessories. And play with your mashie or niblick if you have one (sorry but there's still a 14 club limit). The winner of this event is presented with one of the finest golf trophies ever made...The Claret Juggs. And where better to play than one of the finest golf venues in Tampa Bay, the Innisbrook Golf Resort, home of the PGA's Valspar Championship. We won't be playing Copperhead because there aren't enough existing golf balls or daylight hours to handle any MGA group. Instead we'll be playing the South course and it's recently renovated greens. No doubt it will present enough challenges for even our best golfers. AND we were able to secure an early shotgun start in order to avoid the seriously wet rainout we had last year! In addition, this event will also encompass the second annual inter-chapter competition between Spring Hill and Tampa: Clash of the Kilts II. The winning chapter gets the Braveheart trophy and shit-talking bragging rights for the next year. We trounced Spring Hill last year and fully expect to continue our sweep right on in to the 3rd annual S.H.I.T. Show in August! You should wear kilts to join in the competition against Spring Hill. However, clothing such as knickers or other retro styles are okay too for the more bashful who are "out of kilter". You're shameless about your unexceptional golf game so don't be ashamed about how you look. It was great that nearly half our medios including our chapter sponsor wore the proper attire in last year's event. For newcomers, you're welcome to come out and kick the tires of the MGA, get to know our members, and get familiar with how the MGA works before you go for your membership card and commit to the world that you're mediocre.



Group 1 - 7:55AM
  • 1. Kevin McKeon
  • 2. Brad Campbell
Group 2 - 7:55AM
  • 1. Bill L.O.F.T. Cusick
  • 2. Chris Adams
Group 3 - 7:55AM
  • 1. Amy Fields
  • 2. Carl Chilly Dip Canestrano
Group 4 - 7:55AM
  • 1. Tom Wilkes
  • 2. Caleb Medley
Group 5 - 7:55AM
  • 1. Bret Fuller
Group 6 - 7:55AM
  • 1. Doug Rea
  • 2. JJ "Da Boss" Gee
Group 7 - 7:55AM
  • 1. Stuart Murdock
  • 2. Kasinathan Chandrashekar
Group 8 - 7:55AM
  • 1. Freddy Fredericks
  • 2. Ariel Rodriguez
Group 9 - 7:55AM
  • 1. Kal Kalamas
  • 2. John Burgess
Group 10 - 7:55AM
  • 1. Jeff Gee
  • 2. Doc Schaub
  • 3. Robert Froehlich
Group 11 - 7:55AM
  • 1. Phillip Chamberlain
  • 2. Russell Chambers
Group 12 - 7:55AM
  • 1. Richard Blank
Group 13 - 7:55AM
  • 1. Andrew Barno
  • 2. Frank Chisenhall
  • 3. Mike Robin
Group 14 - 7:55AM
  • 1. Barry Robinson
  • 2. John Poff
  • 3. Doug Jacobs

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